The development of Barbie doll

  • Build Lili

    Build Lili
    Ruth Handler was in Germany at the time when she discovered the Lili Doll, she then bought three dolls and took them back with her to America.
  • painting of Barbie was made

    painting of Barbie was made
    A very- famous artist, Andy warhol. designed a painting of barbies, as it was very popular at the time
  • Launched Barbie

    Launched Barbie
    She was first established at the American national toy fair. she was sold. the first doll wore a black and white zebra swim outfit. ruth had a daughter called Barbara, Barbie was named after her. ruth changed the role of the dolls. she wanted an adult doll and told her husband Elliot. He owned the company Mattel.
  • Mattel was created

    Mattel was created
    The mattel company in Amercia was built
  • Novel of Barbie

    Barbies full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. her parents are George and Margeret. she comes from the fictional town- Willows Wisconsin. Novels were published by Random house.
  • KEN

    she has an on and off relationship with Ken Carson. he apperead in 1961.
  • New barbie outfit

    New barbie outfit
    A new outfit for barbie came with a book with a title on how to lose weight- with advice "dont eat"
  • The production of the build Lili doll was stopped

    The production of the build Lili doll was stopped
    Mattel aquired the rights to the build Lili doll and the production was stopped, mattel got the rights to create the doll.
  • Astranount Barbie

    Astranount Barbie
    they introduced Miss Astronaut Barbie, also a slumber party group was created and in the bathroom of the house the scale didnt move off 110 pounds. she is 35 pounds under weight for her height.
  • Coloured doll made

    Coloured doll made
    In this year a Frankie doll was made and she was an Africann American doll
  • Toy world

    Toy world
    Barbie was given the honours in toy world in New York, it was given a name - Barbie Boulevarde it was there for one week.
  • Barbie became a doctor

    she became a doctor. in the 80's she took to the bedroom as "day to night" CEO barbie, just as women began to break into the C-suite.
  • Talking barbie

    Talking barbie
    first talking barbie. she said: "will we ever have enough clothes?" " i love shopping". "wanna have a pizza party?" each doll was programmed to say 4 out of 200 phrases. "Math class is tough"= crtisim from American association of women. then they announced she would no longer say that phrase and swapped any dolls that any children had with another doll.
  • improving barbie

    improving barbie
    she was remoulded with a wider waist. Mattle said it suited contemporary clothes. Mattle joined with Nabisco to launch a cross- promotion of barbie and oreo cookies. barbie was advertising American cookies. however critics argued that the oreo s black from the outside and white from the inside. the doll was unsuccessful due to racism issues. introduced share a smile beckie a doll in a pink wheel chair.
  • Middle east barbie

    Middle east barbie
    saudi arabia said she didnt conform to the idea of islam. middle east alternative doll similar to barbie but is acceptable to the Islam. she was fuller and covered up that would be suitable to the society.
  • Blaine

    also a news release from Mattel announced that barbie and Ken split up.Blaine was her australian lover in 2004 while she was split with ken.
  • ken and barbie

    ken and barbie
    they reported that they ken and barbie would go back together after ken had a make over.
  • Barbie tatoo

    Barbie tatoo
    barbie tatoo lead to controversial ussies as children wanted to get tatoos. soin style range was a more realistic image of a black doll.
  • Video barbie

    barbie had a little vidoe camera attached to her she was able to record 30 mins. however there were contraversial issues about it and stop making them.