the delvopment of labor union

  • the national trades unoin

    the national trades unoin
    was the first natoinal trade unoin.
  • common wealth vs. hunt

    common wealth vs. hunt
    a massucheutes court ruled that unions were legal
  • knights of labor

    knights of labor
    its member ship of nice thousand included women african american and imagrants both skilled and unskilled by 1886 they boasted a membership.
  • american federatoin of labor

    american federatoin of labor
    organized and skilled workers by crafts they thought for higher power wages and shorter hours.
  • haymarket riots

    haymarket riots
    stricking mccormick harvester workers clashed with police four stricker were killed.
  • the united mine workers

    the united mine workers
    to improve the wages and working conditions of the coal mine workers.
  • the homestead strike

    the homestead strike
    became violent when the steel company hired private police to protect strike breakers . in the ensuing confrontation nine strickers and seven police offciers were killed.
  • american railway

    american railway
    railroad fireman eugene v. debs founded the .
  • the internatoinal workers of the world

    the internatoinal workers of the world
    which was organized in 1905 for unskilled workers and immagrants advocated one large natoinal unoin that would use stricks and sabatouge to acheive its goals as opposed to the more peacefull american federal labor.
  • clayton act

    clayton act
    alwoed the picketting and limitted the use of injunctoins in labor disputes.
  • the brotherhood of sleeping car protectors

    the brotherhood of sleeping car protectors
  • national labor relatoins act

    national labor relatoins act
    act that protected the rights of the workers to organize and elect repersenitives for collective bargining .
  • far labor standered act

    far labor standered act
    established a minumium of wgae 25 cents and hour through collective barging .
  • afl and cio

    afl and cio
    merged together.
  • air traffic controllars

    air traffic controllars
    stricking a violatoin of a non strike clause in their contract.
  • pullman company

    pullman company
    which manufactured sleeping and dinning cars went on strike because thier wages had been cut acting out of sympothy for the pullman.