Da vinci title

The Da Vinci Code

  • Jacques is Dead!

    Jacques is Dead!
    Inside the Lourve Jacques Sauniere, "The curator felt a searing heat as the bullet logded in his stomach"(Brown 4).. He dies shortly after. He is then found that night with a pentacle on his chest and spread out as the Vitruvian Man. There is writing next to him which leads the DCPJ to find Robert Langdon
  • The Hunter becomes the hunted

    The Hunter becomes the hunted
    After the death, Robert Langdon was questioned about the murder, asked to come to the Louvre, and help in the investigation. Escorted by the police, he arrives at the Louvre and is met by Captain Fache. During the investigation a crytographer named Sophie Neveu secretly informs Langdon that he is the prime suspect in the murder
  • Ghost in the Church

    Ghost in the Church
    The albino assailant, Silas, was sent on another mission by the Teacher. He was to find an object known as the keystone. He finds his way to Saint Sulpice church. He finds a tablet that leads him to a verse of the Bible "Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further" (Job 38:11). Silas was a dead end.
  • The Search continues

    The Search continues
    Langdon and Sophie alude the DCPJ in order to get to the U.S. Embassy. On the way out Langdon deciphers the anagram. It leads them to the Mona Lisa. Then to the Madonna of the Rocks. They then get caught by an officer. They get away by threatening to destroy the painting
  • Breaking Bank

    Breaking Bank
    Sophie found a key in the painting which had an address on the key. They head to the address and it is a bank of Zurich. THey go into the bank and find a account that contains an important box. The box contains a cryptex.
  • The Great Escape

    The Great Escape
    The DCPJ traces Sophie and Langdon to the bank. The president of the bank agrees to help Sophie because he was friends with her grandfather. They escape in an armored van. Along the drive they pull over. The president holds the two at gun point and demands the cryptex. Sophie and Langdon subdue the president and escape with the armored van.
  • Tea with Teabing

    Tea with Teabing
    Langdon decides to visit a old friend named Leigh Teabing, a historian of the grail. He hides the cryptex until they know they can trust him. Teabing explains the story of the Holy Grail to Sophie.
  • Silas' Big Bash

    Silas' Big Bash
    While Teabing was teaching Sophie about the grail, Silas found his way to the Mansion. The President of the bank activated the transponder of the armored van so the DCPJ could find it. Silas breaks into the mansion to get the cryptex. Teabing incapacitates him by Splinters of pain tore up Silas's body as the crutch made perfect contact with his cilice" (Brown 277).
  • The Second Great Escape

    The Second Great Escape
    The DCPJ converge on the mansion. Teabing takes Langdon, Sophie, and Remy to the airport in his range rover. They are able to escape the police with Silas as their prisoner.
  • Come Fly With Me

    Come Fly With Me
    Teabing gets to the airport and the group board his private jet. Teabing bribes the pilot to fly them to London. Langdon deciphers the cryptex, and finds another cryptex inside.The police head to the airport.
  • Coming in Hot

    Coming in Hot
    The plane lands in London, but the DCPJ has called the London police to apprehend them. They get away in a black limo. They left the box and the original cryptex behind.
  • Break & Entering in a church

    Break & Entering in a church
    The group arrives at the temple church in order to find the missing orb. When they arrive, Teabing, Sophie, and Langdon go in. Remy and Silas stay behind in the Limo. Langdon and the group search the crypt, but don't find anything. Remy unties Silas and claims to be working for the Teacher.
  • Hitting the Books

    Hitting the Books
    At the church, Remy and Silas kidnap Teabing. They take him away at the order of the Teacher. Langdon and Sophie go to the university library to find a lead. Fache interviews the pilot that flew the group.
  • The Teacher goes to the school of hard knocks

    The Teacher goes to the school of hard knocks
    After Remy drops off Silas he goes to meet with the Teacher. He gives Remy a drink laced with peanut dust which Remy is highly alergic to. With Remy dead, the teacher wants to meet with Langdon and Sophie. It turns out Teabing is the Teacher and demands to have the cryptex, but Langdon already opened it.
  • Family Reunion

    Sophie and Langdon find a man and an older woman. They find out the two are Sophie's grandma and her brother. THey faked their deaths in order to protect the bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdelane. Langdon finds the location of the remains of Mary Magdelane and does nothing.