The Crucible Timeline

  • Event 1

    1. Reverend Paris begins crying over his daughter Betty's bed and also begins to pray that she gets better.
  • Event 2

    1. Tituba gets accused of witchcraft and whipped for doing so, but yet gets saved by Reverend Hale and becomes a believer of God.
  • Event 3

    1. Betty awakes to a huge group of people and tells them who she saw dancing in the woods with the Devil.
  • Event 4

    Event 4
    1. John Proctor arrives home to his wife, Elizabeth, and tells her about his love affair with his midwife, Abigail Williams.
  • Event 5

    Event 5
    1. Reverend Hale arrives with other members of Court and uncover a poppit with a sewing needle in it. Reverend Hale believes that the poppit belongs to Elizabeth Proctor, but is actually own by Mary Warren, Elizabeth's house keeper.
  • Event 6

    1. After Elizabeth Proctor gets taken away to jail, John Proctor goes into court and confesses his relationship with Abigail Williams, however as Elizabeth goes and confesses the relationship she has no intention that John had already admitted to Adultery.
  • Event 7

    Event 7
    1. After 91 people being accused of witchcraft, Abigail and the other girls get taken into the courtroom with John and Elizabeth Proctor present. After Mary Warren tells who made the poppet, Abigail and the other girls present sense that Mary Warren is cursing them with witchcraft and start seeing a yellow light and start mimicking Mary's every word.
  • Event 10

    1. When arriving in the town square, John Proctor and two other woman get sentenced to hang. As they are waiting to be hung they begin to say The Lord's Prayer out to the people. Just as John finishes his prayer the rope gets dropped and John Proctor is dead.
  • Event 8

    1. John Proctor confesses to Thomas Putnam, Judge in Salem, that he never saw anyone with or around the Devil. After saying what he confessed, John Proctor agrees to sign a legal document for the people of the church that he was sentenced to witchcraft.
  • Event 9

    Event 9
    1. After signing the legal document, Proctor takes it back and says that he cant do it. He agreed that he did see people with the Devil but never described names, therefore Proctor gets taken away by the Court and gets sentenced to Hanging.