Evolution of Multimedia

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In Music
  • Jazz Music

    Jazz Music
    the modern music industry began in the 1920s they had new technologies that were created and used to make music and the music that was made in the 1920s was Jazz Music.
  • Big Band Swing Music

    Big Band Swing Music
    In the 1930s Jazz Music had lead to the birth of a new music genre, and that genre was big band swing music. they were large bands that worked hard and practiced hard to produce lively dance music.
  • Rock Music

    Rock Music
    This music was created for people who loved to rock and rock music made that happen by being created. In the early 1950s Rock Music was created so people could rock out. lots of people love rock music and rock bands have very loyal fans who love their music.
  • Pop Music

    Pop Music
    Pop music derived from rock and roll and it was created in the 1950s like rock and roll. the first song was recorded in the 1950s, people really loved the pop music. Pop Music was really popular and became more popular throughout the year. pop came from the word popular.
  • Dance Music

    Dance Music
    the 1980s someone saw a new wave of music called Dance Music. Disco fell out of fashion because Dance Music had become popular. Dance-pop became more popular cause of Dance Music being made. Rock Music continued to enjoy a wide audience. People loved it and thought it was really fun to dance to.
  • R&B Music

    R&B Music
    When R&B was created in 1990, and it wasn't found yet but when it did get found it became popular. R&B Music remained extremely popular throughout the decade. R&B Music remained to be popular even when the next genre of music came out.
  • Rap Music

    Rap Music
    Rap Music was created in 2000 and there are many rap songs by many Rap Artists. Sure the songs had curse words in them but, the songs were good. some people if they were good enough they could sing a fast rap but if ur not u can't. Rap Music was very popular and still is today but not as popular.