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The Count of Monte Cristo Madame Danglars Timeline

  • Greed

    Once seeing Madame Danglars Dappled Greys, The Count of Monte Cristo wishes to have them, and agrees to pay Danglars double for them.
  • Meeting for the First Time

    Madame Danglars meets The Count of Monte Cristo while he is visiting M. Danglars about business.
  • The Return

    The Count of Monte Cristo returns Madame Danglars her Dappled Greys after seeing how upset she was.
  • The Big Lesson

    Lucien Debray gets convinced by The Count of Monte Cristo to teach Madame Danglars a lesson by feeding her false telegraph information. He does this to make Madame Danglars lose a few thousand francs, and maybe it'll teach her to be more careful.
  • Publication

    Madame Danglars publishes the false information Lucien Debray gives her and cost M. Danglars seven hundred thousand francs.
  • Departion

    Baron Danglars leaves town and leaves a note addressed to Madame Danglars explaining why he left.
  • THE END!

    Debray and Madame Danglars decide to put invest their money together, and leave off together.