The Colony of New York

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  • Aug 18, 1498


    italian explorer John Cabot explores the coast for England
  • mapping

    Samuel De Chmplain, French explorer and navigator maps the coast
  • chartering

    James the First grants charter to Plymouth company
  • discovery

    Henry Hudson, English explorer and navigator discovered Newbark bay and establishes the Dutch colony of New Netherlands
  • John Smith

    Captian John Smith maps the coast
  • Peter Minuet

    Swedish settlement led by Peter Minuet starts the New Sweden Colony
  • Dutch Governing

    Peter Stuyvesent became the Dutch Governer of the New Netherlands
  • defeat of the Swedes

    the Dutch defeat the Swedes on the Deleware and Stuyvesant took possesion of the New Sweden Colony
  • loss

    The dutch lose New Amsterdam to the British which is renamed New York after the Duke of York
  • ignoration

    King Charles the second btotally ignored any Dutch claims and gave the entire country to his brother, James, Duke of York
  • War- King Phillips war

    king Phillips War so named after Metacomet of the wampanog tribe who was called Phillip by the English. The war was bloody and bitterly fought by the colonists and the Native Americans alike. During King Phillips War up to 1/3 of the white populaton was wiped out. This warproved to be the final struggle by the Native Americans of New York
  • the seven years of war

    French and Indian war due to disputes over land is won by Great Britian, France gives England all Frengh territory east of the Mississippi River except New Orleans. The spanish give up east and west Florida in return for Cuba.
  • Aftermath of the Revoloution

    The American Revolution creates the United States of America. The revolution was due to the British burdens of taxes and total power to legislte any laws governing the American colonies. George Washington led the American victory over Great Britian in the American Revolutionary War.
  • Declaration of Independence

    United States Declaration of Independence
  • France Wars

    French declares war against Britian and makes an alliance with the American revolutionary forces
  • Statehood

    The date that New York was admitted to the Union was on July 26. the styate motto was crescit eundo
  • Treaty of Paris

    The Treaty of Paris is signed by the victorious United States and the defeated Great Britian
  • Period:
    Sep 27, 1498

    new york colony from founding to statehood