The colony of New York

  • Jan 1, 1524

    Giovanni Da Verrazano

    The first white men to see Manhattan, Giovanni Da Verrazano an italian explorer. While working for the king of France.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1524 to

    New York Colony

  • Henry Hudson explorations

    Henry Hudson did explorations up the river which now carries his name.
  • Trade Began

    A trade began between the Indians and the Dutch, gold was traded for precious fur.
  • Finding a Passage to Asia

    The Amsterdam based Dutch East India Company commisioned on english sea captain Henry Hudson to find a borthwest passage to Asia.
  • New Netherlands

    Already the territory part of which would also become Delaware, New Jersey, and Conneticut had a name New Netherlands.
  • The Pilgrim landing

    The pilgrim landed in PlyMouth, Massachusets.
  • Dutch West India Company

    The Dutch gonverment gave a license to a group of merchants who organized the Dutch West India Company, because of the Dutch trade in Amerca and Africa.
  • First Settlers

    The First settlers to arrive in Manhattan were the Dutch emagrants.
  • Dutch settlement Began

    A Dutch Colony Settlement began by the Dutch West India Company.
  • War Begins

    War began between Englan and Holland.
  • Colony Captured

    The English captured the colony from the Dutch, and it became New York. Name after the Duke of York.
  • Peace at last

    There was Peace between the English and the Dutch.
  • Horseback Service

    A Horseback service was mae between New York and Boston for mail.
  • Ruling New York

    The Dutch Gonverment controlled the city of New York.
  • The Dutch realizing

    The Dutch realized that they couldn't fight in war successfully against England and France.
  • Gonverment

    New York was officially granted representive style of gonverment.
  • Royal Colony

    New York Became a royal colony when James ascended the thrown of England.
  • Meeting Together

    Seven of the thirteen colonial assemblies met in Albany to discuss coming together for defense and gonverment.
  • Provincial Congress

    A group of rebels formed a New York provincial congress.
  • Independence

    New York endorsed the Declaration of Independence thus declaring itself an independent state. New York was no longer a colony.