The colony of New York

  • Apr 1, 1524

    Seeing Manhattan

    Giovanni da Varrazano became the first white man to see Manhattan
  • Jan 1, 1566


    James the first became the king of England
  • The Eploration

    enry Hudson had descovered a river that is now named after him
  • New York

    The colony of the New York originated
  • Sailing

    Henry Hudson sails into lower bay of New York
  • Trade

    The Dutch and English start to trade
  • Henry

    The time Henry Hudson was around
  • Constructing

    The construting of the fort of New Amsterdam
  • Arriving

    first sttlers arrive in Plymouth bay
  • Role gone

    James the first was no longer king
  • king Charles

    king charles became king
  • The successor

    charles the 2nd's brother became the successor
  • Peace begins

    Peace between the natives and the settlers start
  • War

    war starts between England and Holland
  • Taken Away

    The English took the colony from the Dtuch, which would then become New York
  • Gift

    Charles the 2nd present a large land gift to his brother James
  • New terrirory

    The Dutch passed the new territory till this period of the time
  • Captured

    The colony was captured during the expedition to the Netherlands
  • War ending

    War ends between the Dutch and the English
  • Hoseback Postal Service

    Horeseback Postal Service between New York and Boston begins
  • Regaining control

    Dutch goverment regains control of New York
  • Returning New York

    Returning New York
    The Dutch returns New York to the English
  • Representive Style

    New York was officially granted with the representive style of the goverment, renamed as a theory more than a practice
  • no longer king

    Charles was no longer king
  • The Royal Colony

    The colony that was captured was renamed New York, ant the colony became a royal colony
  • no longer successor

    Charles's brother was no longer tthe successor
  • Beginning of the War

    The king George's war began
  • The End

    The king George's was ended
  • Discuss

    At the time 7 of 13 colonies went to Albany so they can discuss comming together for a mutual defense and the goverment, but the proposal was ultimatly rejected
  • The TownShed Act

    The TownShed Act
    The Townshed Act began
  • The Intolerable Acts

    The Intolerable Acts
    The Intolerable Acts began
  • Provincial Cogress

    Provincial Cogress
    A group of rebels formed the New York Provincial Congress
  • Declaration of Independence

    New York endorsed the Declaration of Independence