the cold war brrrrrr

  • the cold war brrrr

    begin of cold war 1/1/1945 after ww 2 the soviet union ussr was moving to cnotrol turky plus greece president truman asked greece president truman asked congress for miliatary plus economic assistance congress for milatary plus economic assistance to contain the soviets
  • iron curtain speech ( gee a tf2 weapon how fun)

    iron curtain speech ( gee a tf2 weapon how fun)
    the divison between wstern powers and the and the are controlled by the soviet union ( they have awesome guns :D) winstins churchill ( which peter makes a joke of on family guy on thatplane episode) gace speech in 1946 at west westminster college (that was easy NEXT!)
  • marshall plan where everything tastes like plain oatmeal

    alright lets get this over with this is the story about this i will try to add a pon in the title in this story for the teachers that makes the students crazy LET THIS STORY BEGIN: secretary of the state of gerge marshall proposed this plan (a state named after a guy.... RIDCUOLUS) give 12 billiob dollars to europe to rebuild its economey after ww 2 (are you sure your not gonna give them the money just so they can buy resettastone)
  • berling blockader and airleft (walls bombs and airyeah tihs is war it does not make sense

    sup my toast borhterin heres another history lesten NOW WITH JOKES: joseph stalin cut supply line to west berlin (wow WHAT A JERK) he was angry at alliesd pwoers for not accepting wast berlin as captial and seutshe mark in west berlin ( :c :C >:c >:C X:c X:C KA BOOOM)
  • berlin wall (dont run into it)

    now i am writing about a WALL! GEESE WHAT A RIDCUOLUS STORY alright lets get this done:built by west germoney goveement (probly to keep the mexicans out) the well sperates seprated east abd west gemany wall was built to stop defections from east berlin (the heavy: oh max: whoopsie strong bad: hand it over)