The Cold War

  • End of WWII

    The USSR and the USA had sided against Germany and Japan with the other allies although the USA did not aprove of their communist government. With Germany and Japan defeated, the USA was going to take out the communist Russia next.
  • Chinese Revolution

    China faught themselves over communism. The USA sent support and weapoons to the Capitolists although the Communists ended up winning.
  • Korean War

  • Space Race- Launching of Sputnik

    The USA and Russia were fighting to show who had more advanced science and were basically trying to say that they had a bigger dick than the other. Thats basically what the cold war was about.
    Sputnik is a satellite made by Russia that was the first one launced into space. It was a pretty big deal.
  • Space Race- Man on the Moon

    The USA won the space race by putting a man on the moon. It was crazy, not everyone belived it yea yea yea.
  • Berlin Wall went up

  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Russia placed and was building nuclear weapons in Cuba, another communist country. They wanted it to be a threat to the USA and they wanted the US to know that they had allies and weapons. This was very important because it caused so much fear in the United States and Russia was flexing their muscles and showign their power.
  • Fall of Berlin wall

  • The fall of Communism