Cold war

The Cold War

  • Germany Defeats Japan

    Germany Defeats Japan
    The Cold War Begins. When they meet up they are called "The Big Three".
  • V-Day

    Victory when Germany surrenders . Theres Victory in europe.
  • Truman Demands

    Truman Demands
    Truman demands Russia to leave Iran.
  • Truman Doctorine

    Truman Doctorine
    Truman Doctorine was made. Truman declares active on the civil war.
  • Truman Doctorine

    Truman Doctorine
    Truman wanted to stop the spread of communist. He gave support to whoever needs it and the only thing you have to do is to be democratic.
  • Containment

    Comunist take over Czechoslovakia.
  • Contaiment

    Brussels pact organized to protect Europe from comunism.
  • Containment

    Trumans loyalty program is created to watch cold war spies.
  • War

    Berlin blockade ends. America used to help Berlin so they can become democratic.
  • First Test

    First Test
    Russia tested their first atomic bomb.
  • Korean War

    Korean War
    Korean war begins. Stalin supports North Korea who invade south Korean equipped with Soviet weapons.
  • RAND

    RAND report on the volneranity of us strategic Air Power.
  • Korean War

    Korean War
    Korean War ends. Nobody wins a nuclear war.
  • Test

    H-Bomb castle brave test.
  • KGB

    KGB established in the U.S
  • NASA

    NASA begins mercury projecting using the Atlas.
  • Sent Ships

    Sent Ships
    USSR ships sent tanks into Poland.
  • Ikes Atoms

    Ikes Atoms
    Ikes Atoms for peace speech.
  • Cuba Taken over.

    Cuba Taken over.
    Fidel Castro took over Cuba. Cuba is a comunist party.
  • Visit U.S

    Visit U.S
    Khrushchere visits the United States of America
  • A Bomb

    A Bomb
    A Bomb is developed By France
  • Soviet Union Spies.

    Soviet Union Spies.
    Soviet Union reveals that U.S spies on planes was shot down over Soviet territory.
  • John F Kenedy

    John F Kenedy
    John F Kenedy was Elected President. He won elections because he cared for what was seen on television.
  • Cuba

    Cuban Missele Crisis
  • Nuclear testing

    Nuclear testing
    Nuclear test ban treaty ratifies. no more nuclear testing