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The coke machine

By mcotton
  • Coke was invented

    John Pemberton created the first recipe of coke.
  • Pemberton Died of stomach cancer

  • Asa candler bought Coke

  • Mexico was one of the first countries to sell coke.

  • World war 1

  • Coke's sales declines for the first time.

  • Ernest Woodruff Bought the Coke company.

  • Coke bacame a National Brand of Soft Drink

  • Santa claus adds for christmas were intriduced.

  • The great ddpression was the coke's biggest boom.

  • The first recipe of Fanta was created.

  • The law said that anybody could use the name "cola"

  • Coke's biggest opponent was Pepsi.

  • 12 ounce bottles and 26 ounce bottles were introduced.

  • Pesi now was owner of Frito Lay

  • Pespsi was now cales PespsiCo

  • Coke now invented Sprites, Fanta and diet soda

  • Pepsi was introduced in the Soviet Union.

  • Coke's famous comercia "teaching the world to sing"was launched

  • More than 80% of worker in Guatemala joined the union.

  • Coke factory was build in Colombia.

  • They started the campaing of "supersize".

  • Died Coke was introduced to the world

  • From sugar to corn syrup.

    The factory changed the ingridient from normal sugar in coke to corn syrup.
  • Coke was celebrating it's 100 anniversary.

  • Benzene was found in diet sodas.

    A dangerous chemical called benzene was found i diet sodas.
  • Jose Armando Palacios stated working at coke's plant in Guatemala.

  • Polar bears became the christmas logo for coke.

  • Coke became one of the 6 most valuable comapanies in the U.S.

  • Thumbs Up Factory is buil in India.

  • Goizueta became president of the Coke company.

  • Goizueta (president of the Coke company) died of lung cancer.

  • Dasani, coke's water, was introduced.

  • Coke buys Thumbs Up factory in India.

  • Coke satrted with online edvertizing.

  • Killer Coke.

    Ray Rogers starts campaingn called "killer coke" in the U.S. to point out injustice of Colombia's and India's problems.
  • Obesity crisis started in America.

  • Coke Zero was created

  • Armando Palacios starts inicial movement to form a union in Guatemla's coke plant.

  • Coke's powerade sports drink was created.

  • Coke's 125 anniversary!!!