Civil war introduction picture

The civil war 1861-1865

  • Mexican-American War

    Description: two part plan made by general winfeild scott people involed: mexican americans and the comander of all u.s forces outcome: the south starved, union forces drove south along the missippi river known as the andaconda plan.
  • bull run

    description: scott sent McDowell and more than 30,000 to the battle with confederaqte forces waiting outside washington,armys meet at bullrun ; people involed: unin troops and the confederqaate troops plus McDowell outcome; first union troops were wining a stand led byt general thomas led them to return to washington.
  • Period: to

    civil war

  • monitor and virgina battles

    description: union had an engineer to desighn a monitor as a model for a fleet of ships plated with iron armor, te confederation built and ironclad. people involed; the confedearacy and the union outcomes; the two met for battle the ships never emerged the contest singnaled the begining of the end of wooden ships.
  • southwest war

    description; the confederates marched up the rio grande in paris there goal was to drive union troops from the southwest and capture it for confedaracy. poeple involed:rebeled troops union and confederacy troops outcome: rebel troops defeated in late march at glorieta the confederated retreated back into texasnever to threat the union control of the south west
  • grrant fights in tennessee battle of shiloh

    description: grants troops fought a battle in southwest tenessee 2 days of fighting. people involved: army of the potomac ,general ulysses grant outccome: about 25,000 union and confederate soliders were killed anr or wounded ,the battle horrified the north and south and damaged rants reputation
  • civil war lincolns plan

    description; lincoln shared his ideas with the cabinet they supported his plan and agreed anouncments should wait. people involed; unoin and lincoln and confederacy outcome;union had a failure at there second chance for the bull run lincoln got his oppertunity for the proclamation
  • legal tender act

    description:this law allowed the treasury to issue paper money. people involed:north economy outcome;because of the color of the paper used the united stated had a single common currency that its citizens could use to purchase goods
  • homestead act

    description:congress passed the homestead act making western lan available at very low cost to people who would farm it. the war also resolved the argument over the rout oe the intercontinental railroad. people involed; west californnia outcome: the pacific railroad act was granted land to companies to build rail lines through the union territory.
  • victory comes antietam

    description; general lee led his troops into maryland , lee wanted to inspire recongnition of the confederacy and also he wanted to get food for his army people involed; union confederation outcome:on septembr 8 the general issued a proclamation to the people of marryland union soldiers reelled campsite le lost the crucial element of surprise
  • battle of antietam

    description; union troops atackd lees army in three phrases more than 23000 soldiers died or was wounded. people involved;maryland and the union oucome;lee retreated to virginia lincoln had the victory he neede to move with the emancipation
  • emancipation

    description;freed the slaves people involed: abraham lincoln outcome: lincoln hoped that some states wouls surender befor the january first dead line.
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    african americans join the fight

    description; the confederation considered drafting slaves and feeing blacks. people involed; african americans outcome; most southerners opposed the enlistment of africfan americans
  • african americans fight

    description:accounts appeared in a port hudson batttle in mississippi the first test for african amrican soliders. people involed; african american troops outcome: union declared that 'my predudices with regaurd to negro troops have been despelled by the battle the brigade of negros behaves magnificently.
  • draft riot

    description: a mob of poor caucasian men went on a four day rampage. people involed: african american and whites outcomes; thus damaging factories that made war supplies and attacking african americans blacks were also taergeted in similar race riots in other northen cities
  • soliderirs face death

    description; 33000 union prisoners were crowded into confines.their troops starving confederated didnt have many ways to find food for the union prisoners. people involed; african american prisoners and the union outcme:15 months andersonville remained in operation more than 12000 union prisoners died of disease and malnutrition.