The Civil War

  • The Cival War

    The Cival War
    Jefferson Davis comes out in favor of secession for the first time
  • The Civil War begins

    The Civil War begins
    After Abraham Lincon was elected president 11 southern states secede from the union.
  • Military Events

    Military Events
    Shots fire on fort sumpter. Battle of Gettysburg. Battle of vicksburg. Lee surenders to grant.
  • Virginia Secede

    Virginia secedes from the Union, followed within 5 weeks by Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina, thus forming an eleven state Confederacy.
  • The Civial War

    The Constitution Union Party, meeting in Baltimore, creates a platform taken from the U. S. Constitution and selects John Bell of Tennessee for President and Edward Everett of Massachusetts for Vice-President.
  • The Siege of Vicksburg

    The Siege of Vicksburg
    Lincoln, in a speech to Congress, states the war is..."a People's contest... a struggle for maintaining in the world, that form, and substance of government, whose leading object is, to elevate the condition of men..." The
  • The Battle of Bull Run

    The Battle of Bull Run
    At one point in the battlethe southerns General Thomas J Jackson, He won the nickname Stonewall Jackson because his men held the fast against the union of assult.
  • The Civil War

    President Lincoln appoints George B. McClellan as Commander of the Department of the Potomac, replacing McDowell.
  • The Battle of Shiloh

    The Battle of Shiloh
    After Grant's victory the confederate commander on the west front ordered a retreat to mississippi & asked for more troops from Nashville. Tennessee turned into rthe fight that led to The Civil War.