The Civil War

  • The Civil War

    After Abraham Lincoln was elected president 11 southern states secede from the union. They wanted a war because he became president.
  • First Shots at Fort Sumter

    First Shots at Fort Sumter
    Major Robert Anderson & his assistant held on to the Fort Sumter in the harbor of charleston. They were running out of supplies at the beginning of the war. Lincoln asked South Carolina to send supplies to the war. No one was killled but the South acted and that began the civil war.
  • The Battle of Bull Run

    At one point in the battle the southerner General Jackson he won the nickname Stonewall Jackson because his men held the fast against the Union assault.
  • The Battle of Shiloh

    After Grant's victory the Confedrate commander on the west front ordered a retreat to Mississppi and asked for more troops from Nashville.Tennessee turned into the fight that led to The Civil war.
  • The Fall of New Orleans

    The Fall of Orleans was a heavy blow for the south because the wife of an aide to president Davis wrote a dairy about the New Orleans gone with the Confederacy. The Rebel ran their gunboats and tried to ram the Union warship and succeeded.
  • The Emancipation Promclamation

    Lincoln didn't believe that he had the power under the constitution to abolish slavery where ever it already existed. Therefore Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation which was an important step in ending the slavery int he United States also helped change the outcome of the war.
  • Battle of Gettysburg

    Battle of Gettysburg
    The lasted for three days on the rocky hills and fields aroung Gettysburg. The rurning point came on Jully 3rd becuase Lee ordered his general to change his line during the battle.
  • The Siege of Vicksbrug

    The Siege of Vicksbrug
    In Mississippi the General Grant won important victories in the west for traveling deep into the south. Grant's attack began on May 1863 at Vicksburg.
  • Gettysburg Address

    President lincoln delivered his gettysburg address in just over teo minutes. In this famous speech lincoln expressed the way he wanted a new nation and to create all men equal rights
  • Lee Surrenders To Grant

    Lee fled west and sent Grant a message saying he was ready to surrender. Lee and Grant met in a small Virginia town Court House. Grant also gave the soldiers food for helping the battle.