The Civil War

  • Fort sumter

    The confederacy attacked the union staring thr civil war at 430 in the morning.
  • 1st Battle of Bull run

    Pierre beauregard lead his army to victory against Thomas "stonewall" Jackson. The battle cry the confederates yellled caused the union to panic and scatter resulting in a confederacy win.
  • Battke of Shiloh

    This was one of the fiercest battles the civil war had seen. The unon had had a surprise attack on the south casuing many casuakies and resukting in A win.
    Union- grant
    siuth- Johnston
  • 2nd Battle of bull run

    Took place in Virginia. this is the second time this battle haooened.Because of ths victory the south gained cintrol of virginia again.
  • Battle of Antietam

    No won one. one of the bloodiest battles in the civil war.
    Union- McLlean
    Took place in sharpsburg,MD
  • battle of fredricksberg

    One of te bigger Battkes of thw war. The confedaracy general robert e. lee lead the the siuth to a bug victory casuing 12,000 thousand union casauties.
  • Emancipation proclamation

    This freed all slaves in the confederate territory. However the slaves in the union territory werent free. Because the comstiitutin didint give him the power to free the slaves in the north.
  • Battle of Chancellorsville

    This battle made general lee more famous. he was outnumbered still won easily.
  • Battle of gettysburg

    Union had a great victory here.
    Union- Maede
    Lee was hopeful of getting a win in the north but that was crushed and Lee was forced to Virginia.
  • siege of vicksburg

    Union- Grant
    south- pemberton
    The union victiry had win them control if the mississippi river.
  • seige of atlanta

    This battle ended oncseptember 2,1864 the nion had captured the heart of the south and started thier march to the sea
  • 13th amendment ratified

    Lincoln still urgered congress to stop slavery finally the 27 states agreed woth the amendment and slavery was banned in the us
  • Lincolns assassination

    LIncoln wasat a play in ford theatre in washingtin dc ad kohn wilks both came up too his balcony and shot him in the head.
  • surrender at appomattox courthouse

    Lee knew he was hopeless as he approached virginia. so he sent grant a letter tlling him he was ready to surrender. grant happiky said yes and the war was closing after 4 years