The civil war

  • Period: to

    civil war Cade Moorer

  • fort sumpter

    fort sumpter
    Beauregard led the soultheren attack and anderson led the union defence started off the civil war took place in soulth carolina
  • 1st bull run

    1st bull run
    In the battle of bull run mc dowell led the union and beauregared led the confederates to victory witvh led to the reaorginazation of the confederasy, took place in virginia
  • battle of hampton roads

    battle of hampton roads
    This battle is considered to be one of the most inportant battles of the civil war beacus it feachured combat useing iron clads the confederate uss virginia along with several support ships fought the union fleet and one took place in virginia
  • battle of shiloh

    battle of shiloh
    grant led the union and johnsten led the soulth the union won and killed johnston allowed them to take the tennesse river took place in tennesse
  • 2nd bull run

    2nd bull run
    confederate won and gaind control of virgina pope led the union jackson led the soulth took place in virginia
  • battle of antietam

    battle of antietam
    robert E. lee led the soulth in this battle and mc lellen led the union but the battle was a draw , the battle was seen as a political victory for the north though took place in maryland
  • battle of fredricksburg

    battle of fredricksburg
    burnside led the union and lee led the soulth confederate one and stoped the union advance took place in virigina
  • emancipation proclamation

    emancipation proclamation
    nearing the 3rd year of the civil war abraham lincoln finaly declared all slaves were free and that they were to be realesed asap
  • battle of chancellorville

    battle of chancellorville
    hooker led the union and robert E lee led the soulth confederate victory lee beat hooker in a 2:1 battle virginia
  • battle of gettysburg

    battle of gettysburg
    meade led the union and lee led the soulth a strong union victory with over 40,000 southern loses took place in pennsylvana
  • siege of vicksburg

    siege of vicksburg
    grant led the union and pemberton led the soulth lasted from may 18 to july 4 gave union control of mississippi river took place in mississippi
  • siege of atlanta

    siege of atlanta
    sherman led the union and hood led the soulth the battle lasted from july 16 to sept 2 union captured the heart of the soulth took place in georgia
  • surrender at appomattox courthouse

    surrender at appomattox courthouse
    on april 9 1865 confederate general Robbert E. Lee surrenderd to union general john gordon officaly ending the civil war took place in virgina
  • assassination of abraham lincoln

    assassination of abraham lincoln
    just 5 days after the surrender at the appomatix court house abraham lincoln was kill by john willks booth when he shot him in the heat
  • ratification of the 13th amendment

    ratification of the 13th amendment
    the 13th amendment to the constitution officaly ended and outlawed slavey in every state in america while the emancipation proclamation was only a temporary war mesur this was permant