The Civil War

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  • Lincoln is elected

    Lincoln is elected
    Republican Abraham Lincoln won the election of 1860. Angry Southerners from 7 deep south states seceded.
  • Secession

    South Carolina secedes from the Union, followed by Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, and Texas
  • Confederate States form

    The Confederacy comes together and elects Jefferson Davis as president
  • Attack at Fort Sumter

    Attack at Fort Sumter
    Union was protecting the federal outpost when Confederates attacked, thus sparking the Civil War.
  • Lincoln Calls

    President Lincoln issues a proclamation for 75,000 militia men and for a special session of Congress to meet on July 4. He also offers the position of commanding the Union Army to Robert E. Lee, who declines.
  • Taking Sides

    Taking Sides
    Robert E. Lee resigns his commission in the US Army saying "I cannot raise my hand against my birthplace, my home, my children". He is offered the command of the Virginia military and accepts the offer.
  • First Battle of Bull Run

    First Battle of Bull Run
    Union troops led by McDowell are defeated and forced to retreat back into Washington after a failed attempt to move into the Confederate capital of Richmond. Union's hopes of winning the war quickly fade.
  • Diplomatic Occurrance

    Union captures two Confederate diplomats on a ship traveling to England. Britain threatens war if they are not released, so Lincoln frees them stating "one war at a time".
  • Fort Henry

    General Ulysses S. Grant captures Fort Henry in Tennessee
  • Grant Captures Fort Donelson

    Grant Captures Fort Donelson
    General Ulysses S. Grant captures Fort Donelson a mere ten days after his victory at Fort Henry. Both in Tennessee. He earns the nickname "Unconditional Surrender" Grant.
  • Battle Of Shiloh

    Confederates made a surprise attack on Grant's sleepy camp. Confederate General Johnston was injured. Union victory.
  • Second Battle of Bull Run

    Second Battle of Bull Run
    Pope's forces were forced to retreat from Lee's army. Confederates had another victory here.
  • Battle of Antietam

    Battle of Antietam
    Union forces win and force Confederates back down in to Virginia. The bloodiest single day battle in American history.
  • Preliminary Proclamation

    President Lincoln issues the Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation
  • Fredericksburg

    The Union loses 12,653 troops in their attack on Fredericksburg, VA while the confederates lose only 5,309. "We might as well have tried to take hell," says a Union soldier. Gen. Lee stated "It is well that war is so terrible - we should grow too fond of it," during the battle.
  • Lincoln gives the Emancipation Proclamtion

    Lincoln gives the Emancipation Proclamtion
    Lincoln gives a speech freeing all the slaves in the rebellious states.
  • The Draft

    The US Congress enacts a draft. Wealthy Northerners can pay their way out with $300. Poor Northerners complain "the blood of a poor man is as precious as that of the wealthy".
  • Period: to


    Though outnumbered 2-1, Confederate troops lead by Robert E. Lee pull out a victory near Chancellorsville, VA losing 13,000 of their 60,000 and the Union losing 17,000 of their 130,000. The Union General, Joe Hooker, states "I just lost confidence in Joe Hooker".
  • Battle of Gettysburg

    Battle of Gettysburg
    Lee's failed attempt at a Northern campaign. 3 day battle resulting in over 50,000 casualties. Union victory. Finally turned the tide of the war against the confederates.