the city of ember

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    assignment day

    assignment day
    On assignment day, Lina draws the unwanted job of a Pipeworks laborer. Doon asks to trade places. That means Lina can be a messenger, which is what she'd wanted to do anyway.
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    first day on the job

    on Lina's first day as a messenger, she delivers a short mysterious message to the mayor from a guy named Looper.
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    the home life

    Lina's home life started to crumble as Granny forgets to look out for Poppy, so Lina asks their neighbor Mrs. Murdo to start looking in on them while Lina's at work.
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    the unknown region man

    When Lina delivers a message to her friend Clary at the greenhouse, they see a guy coming back in from the Unknown Regions, who is very scared
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    the talk

    Clary agrees with Lina that there has to be some kind of answers outside of the city of ember Ember.
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    the store

    Lina takes Poppy with her on a shopping trip. While picking out colored pencils, Lina loses track of Poppy. then the power goes out for seven minutes. That is the longest it's ever been out. Lina is scared and overwhelmed with guilt over losing her sister.
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    Doon finds Poppy

    Doon finds Poppy and keeps her til Lina can come grab her.
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    the message

    Granny is still obsessed with finding whatever her grandfather lost, and Lina comes home one day to find Poppy chewing on a message from a mysterious box. Lina stopped Poppy from chewing on it.
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    trying to solve it

    Lina tries to get people to help her decipher the message, but they're not into it
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    finding secrets

    Doon agrees to look at the message, and once they figure out that it's talking about something in the Pipeworks, they go exploring, and find a secret locked room. They can't get in, but someone else obviously can.
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    dead grandma

    Lina's grandma gets sick and dies. the girls move in with Mrs. Murdo, who has been awesome to them this whole time. Lina's grateful for the help.
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    steeling food

    Lina tries to catch up with Lizzie, and finds taking a bunch of rare canned goods. It turns out that Looper stole them from the storeroom and is giving them to a few people that he likes.
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    puzzle is getting put together

    Lina puts together the puzzle pieces with Doon and realizes that Looper has been the one supplying the mayor with stolen food. They report this to one of the guards.
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    getting closer

    Clary helps Lina figure out that the mysterious instructions are for how to exit Ember, so Lina and Doon go trying to explore the Pipeworks and figure out how to work the boats that were left there.
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    Once the mayor puts a warrant out for the kids, Lina and Doon run from the guards. They decide to leave instructions on how to escape Ember to the people. Lina was captured for a short period of time by the mayor's guards, but escapes during a blackout.
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    getting out

    Lina picks up Poppy from Mrs. Murdo, and meets up with Doon. They ride down the river and climb up to the earth's surface. Witnessing a sunrise for the first time blows Lina's mind
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    the message

    Doon and Lina find a cavern that looks over Ember, and Lina tosses a message down there, with instructions on how to leave Ember.
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    the escape of the rest

    the escape of the rest
    someone finds Lina's message, and spreads the word. The rest of the city escapes Ember, with the same steps that Doon and Lina took.