The cay

The Cay by Theodore Taylor

  • The Cay pages 1-27 TOTAL: 1279

    Phillip and his mother get on a boat to move to the united states, but the boat is sunk by a german U-boat
  • The cay pages 27-50 TOTAL: 1302

    Phillip is stranded on a life boat with a cat, an old black man, and is begining to go blind.
  • The cay pages 50-76 TOTAL: 1328

    Philip, The black man named Timothy, and the cat wash up on a small carribean cay.
  • the cay pages 76-100 TOTAL: 1352

    Timothy and philip thrive on the island by catching fish from the reef
  • The cay pages 100-115 TOTAL: 1367

    A Hurrican washes over the island and kills timothy.
  • The cay pages 115-137 Total: 1389 *BOOK OVER*

    Phillip is finally rescued by the u.s. navy