The Cattle Boom

  • Cattle

    Texans had interbred English cattle with Spanish cattle to produce a new breed- the Texas longhorn.
  • Selling Steer

    A steer that could bring about $4 in Texas could be sold for $40 or more in eastern markets.
  • Barbed Wire

    In Illinois, farmer Joseph Glidden patented barbed wire, a cheap fencing material.
  • Working

    Most Mexicans and Mexican cowboys worked on ranches in Texas.
  • Cattle in Chicago

    Cattle had brought $35 a head in Chicago.
  • Prices/supply

    Prices crashed as supply far exceeded demand.
  • Cattle

    Cattle sold for only $8!
  • Drought

    A terrible drought diminished many herds.
  • Severe Winter

    There was a severe winter in the southern plains from 1885-86.
  • Temperatures

    Temperatures reached 46 degrees below zero in some areas.