The Cattle boom

By dcrum
  • open range

    free grazing land made ranching more profitable.
  • land

    most ranches did not focus on buying lots of land they would focus on buying water rights and ponds.
  • cattle drive

    life on the trail was difficult and the droughts caused them to lose a lot of cattle.
  • cattle drive

    The cowboys would bring the cattle to a town by the railroad called railhead.
  • cattle drive

    cowboys followed cattle to get them to the railroad to be shipped to chicago illinios.
  • fencing

    barbed wire was a cheap fencing material that the farmers stated to use during the end of the cattle boom.
  • ranching

    you would have to spend a lot of money to be able to buy land for their ranches.
  • cowboys

    the cowboys would ride the range to check the water sources to make sure the cattle had water.
  • working ranches

    you would work really long days and you would work really hard.
  • winter

    bad winter really hurt the cattle boom by killing off alot of the cattle.