The Cather In The Rye

  • Jane Gallagher on the mind

    Holden's roommate at school Stradlater is about to head off on a date, It happens that Stradlater's date is an old love of Holden's from the past.
  • Stradlater teaches Holden a lesson

    Holden refuses to do Stradlaters school papers while hes on a date with one of holden's old crushes. Holden goes for a punch and doesnt connect so Stradlater tackles him and places his knee on his chest and leaves for his date.
  • Is it $5 or $10?

    Holden after a night out, arrives at the hotel hes staying at in New York City and the elevator man, Maurice. He said only $5 for a quick fix but once the prostotue got there see said it was $10. Holden refused to pay $10 after maurice said it was $10 and maurice made holden learn his lesson.
  • Good Old' Sally

    Waking up with a hangover and a bloody shirt, Holden wakes up and cleans up and make a call to an old friends sally who lives near New York city.
  • Home Sweet Home?

    After wondering for days and days if he should go home and face his parents and man up to running away from school, Holden finally goes home.