The Cask of Amontilllado

By N.Shaw
  • Fortunado starts making Montresor mad.

  • Montresor meets Fortunato at Carnival.

  • Montresor tells Fortunato about a cask of Amontillado.

  • Montresor takes the drunk Fortunato back to his mansion.

  • Montresor takes Fortunato down into the catacombs.

  • Montresor says they need to turn back becuase Fortunato is sick and there are a lot of nitre deposits.

  • Montresor gives Fortunato some medoc to drunken him up even more.

  • Montresor continues to tell Fortunato they need to turn back.

  • Fortunato climbes into hole.

  • Montresor chains Fortunato to wall.

  • Montresor begans to build brick wall despite Fortunato begging for mercy.

  • Fortunato gets quite and Montresor becomes tentative for a bit.

  • Montresor finishes wall.

  • Fortunato's final resting place is still undisturbed.