The boy in the striped pyjamas

Timeline created by Littlebrink
  • The last Christmas Dinner

    Bruno's family have a Christmas dinner and dad gets a new military uniform. Grandma gets really angry at this dinner and leaves.
  • The Fury comes over for Dinner

    The Fury and his wife come over for dinner to talk with Bruno's dad and mother about how his dad will get a higher position in the military.
  • They move away from Berlin

    Bruno comes home one day when he sees the maid packing his stuff. He asks what she's doing and she says they're moving. Bruno is in shock.
  • They arrive at their new home

    They took a train away from Berlin and arrive at a strange house with strange fenced area behind it. Their new house is called Out-With
  • Bruno is Bored and notices the first unfair actions

    Bruno is bored so he decides that he will make a swing out of an old tire and hung on an old tree. He tries his new swing but falls. He then notices that there is a man that is treated like trash by soldiers. This man was actually a jew.
  • Bruno goes Exploring and find treasure

    Bruno decides to go exploring instead of trying the swing out again. He walks around the strange fenced area behind is new house and eventually finds a person on the other side of the fence. They talk for a while and become friends. The boy behind the fence is called Shmuel and is wearing weird striped pyjama looking clothes.
  • Argument

    Bruno stumbled upon his dad and mom arguing about leaving or staying at Out-With
  • Shmuel is gone

    Shmuel hasn't shown up at the fence for two days and bruno is worried
  • Shmuel finally shows up at the fence

    After two days Shmuel finally shows up at the fence again but he has sad news. his dad is gone and he can't find him.
  • The plan

    Bruno and Shmuel create a plan to try and find Shmuel's dad. the plan is that Shmuel will get a pair of striped pyjamas and bruno will put them on and enter the camp via the gap under the fence
  • The Execution

    Their plan worked and no one knows that Bruno in the striped pyjamas is Bruno. but then soldiers force them into a march. They arrive at a long chamber, they all go in and the big metallic doors shut. It's dark, very dark. suddenly people start screaming and pain is all around. Bruno and Shmuel hold each others hands and never let go. No one has ever heard of bruno again.
  • Father finds bruno's clothes

    after a month of searching Bruno's father finds Bruno's clothes outside of the fence where the gap was and he realises what happened. Gretel and Mother moved back to berlin and heard the news and were really sad.