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The Book Thief

By KTM7red
  • Period: to

    Hitler's youth

    German born children were forced to participate in a new school to ensure their survival when they were shipped off to war at the age of 17. Boys had to become sodiers. Girls were forced to get ready for motherhood and to bore strong soldiers.
  • Period: to

    World War 2

    World war 2 began and Germany's expidition to rule the world began. Throughout the war millions of people were slaughtered just because of one man(Adolf Hitler) who had a strong voiced opinion. The war finally ended with a bang when Adolf Hitler took his and his new wife's life.
  • WW2 in Russia

    WW2 in Russia
    The Russian soldiers killed a lot. Russia's battle got closer to Himmel street where Leisel lived.
  • Hitler's Birthday

    Hitler's Birthday
    On Hitler's birthday the entire nation burnt the local Jewish things in his honor. Speeches about the Fuherr were given all day.
  • Bombing of Cologne

    Bombing of Cologne
    Great Britian planes were sent to bomb Cologne, Germany. 469 Germans were killed and 45,000 were homeless.