The Book Theif

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    The Book Theif Timeline

  • Liesel's Brother dies

    Liesel's Brother died on a train and Liesel met death for the first time.
    Leaves mother forever.
  • Liesel's Foster Family

    Liesel meets her foster family Hans and Rosa Hubermann.
  • Learns to read and write.

    Liesel learned to read and write better from the help of Hans
  • Liesel meets Rudy

    Liesel meets her best firend Rudy
  • max Arrives

    max finally is safe to leave with his fake Id to go to the Hubermanns home.
  • Hitlers birthday

    Hitlers birthday is celebrated by burning books and dressing the streets in nazi flags
  • Christmas

    Rudy steals a book for Liesel and max and Liesel bcome good friends. Max wrirtes a book for Liesel called The Standover Man
  • Max falls into coma

    max falls into a coma and Liesel reads to him everyday hoping he will wake up.
  • Liesel fights with Mrs. Hermann

    Liesel fights with Mrs. Hermann and begins to steal books from her.
  • Max Flees.

    Max is forced to flee when hans is targeted for giving bread to a Jewish prisoner marching to a Dachau.
  • Air Raids

    The alliance begins to bomb areas near Liesels home where. Their basement is used as a bomb shelter.
    Liesel reads books to the people while their waiting out the bomb threat.
  • Death of Many

    Liesel is spared because she is writing in the basement. The sirens went off too late and Hans, Rosa and Rudy were killed.