The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting 323

By Rilee_M
  • 1-95

    the main charcter, violet, has a super power or curse, she can ene dead bodie through echoes and can identify their killers with the same echo. Her bestfriend Jay all of a sudden ha the attention of all the girls in schools causing violet to be jealous. Jay and violet get in a fight.
  • 96-143

    Jay and violet begin to date. This makes all the girl in the school dislike violet. violet senes a dead body in a crate by the docks (setting in Washington) She calls 911 and is een by a camera leaving the gated areas of the shipyard.
  • 144- - 209

    violet is contatced by an FBI conaltant
  • 210- 298

    finds that someone i follwing her.
  • 299- 323

    Is almost killed at prom and puts jay in danger