The Bermuda Triangle

Timeline created by MiriamFigueroa
  • USS Cyclops

    USS Cyclops
    It was a military ship of the United States Navy. She this disappeared on March 9, 1918 in a trip between Barbados and Boltimore with 300 passengers on board, she was near the triangle when she lost all trac
  • origin

    The Bermuda Triangle is a geographic area in the shape of an equilateral triangle located in the Atlantic Ocean, between the Bermuda Islands, Puerto Rico and the American city of Miami.
    They began to speak of disappearances in this area; since on December 5, 1945, the trace of Flight 19 was lost
  • Flight 19

    Flight 19
    The first recorded event; It is about "Flight 19": a squad of 6 United States Navy aircraft, were flying over the areas and disappeared without any explanation: thus having 27 people lost.
  • First written news

    First written news
    In 1950 the first written news was obtained; journalist Edward Van Winkle Jones wrote about the disappearance of several ships off the coast of the Bahamas. Two years later the writer George X. Sand joined him, claiming that there were strange marine disappearances
  • Marine Sulphur Queen

    Marine Sulphur Queen
    This tanker disappeared on February 4, 1963 with its 39 crew members. Only a few remains were found by the Coast Guard
  • The Deadly Bermuda Triangle

    The Deadly Bermuda Triangle
    In 1964, the fiction magazine Argosy Magazine published an article entitled: "The deadly Bermuda triangle" in which it mentions strange disappearances, paranormal phenomena and mysteries that made anyone who will navigate these waters disappear
  • Bermuda Triangle

    Bermuda Triangle
    In 1966 Ian Toynton directed the film The Bermuda Triangle: a family is shipwrecked on an island that is the Bermuda Triangle, from where no one has been able to get out
  • José Antonio Ponseti

    José Antonio Ponseti
    In 1967 in Barcelona, the Spanish radio host José Antonio Ponseti was born, who in his own way completes the story of the first event, thus creating "Flight 19"
  • "The Bermuda Triangle"

    "The Bermuda Triangle"
    In 1974 Charles Berlitz publishes his book entitled "The Bermuda Triangle" which recounts the greatest event of this: which is flight 1
  • "The Triangle"

    "The Triangle"
    In 2005 Craig R. Baxley directs the series "The Triangle", a series that is about a billionaire owner who is concerned about the boats that are being lost in the Bermuda Triangle, so he gathers a team of professionals to investigate that region