The Big Project that Couldn't : Evolution of the mega-quarry

  • Land is purchased by Highland Co.

    Nearly 3,250 hectares of land is purchased by The Highland Company, who tells local farmers of his plan to start a large co-operative potato farm. Local residents grow suspicious of Highland’s plan for the land.
  • Period: to

    Proposal is made public

    Highland Companies host a public meeting to lay the plans for digging a mega-quarry.
  • An environmental assessment is suggested

    Ontario's Minister of the Environment, John Wilkinson, orders for the Highland Co. to assess the environmental impacts of the project, after receiving countless arguments from Ontario citizens.
  • Community comes together

    28,000 gather accross the road from the proposed quarry site for Foodstock to peacefully protest the quarry proposal.
  • Protestors team with Suzuki for Soupstock

    Over 40,000 people gather at the Woodbine Centre in Toronto for Soupstock, raising their voices against the proposal. Inspired by the Foodstock event in 2011, Soupstock is sponsored by The David Suzuki Foundation of Ontario and Northern Canada.
  • Quarry plan is rejected

    After unsatisfactory results from the environmental assessment and strong opposition from the community, the Ontario government rejects the proposal of the mega-quarry.