The Beatles Formation

  • The Quarryman

    The Quarryman
    In 1957 John Lennon (The man Who started the beatles) formed a band called the quarryman
  • Paul Mccartney

    Paul Mccartney joined as a guitarist that july
  • George Harrison

    George Harrison joined the band after he saw the quarrymens concert
  • Pete Best and Stu Stucliffe

    the bassist and the drummer both joined the band, but stu later quit and pete was fired
  • Ringo Starr

    Ringo Starr left his old band rory storm and the Hurricanes and The beatles were formed
  • The Singles

    The first beatle singles, love me do, and please please me were realeased and beatlemania began
  • Meet the Beatles

    First Beatles Album, and was an amazing sucsess and the beatles became one of the biggest bands in england