The Baroque Era

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  • Period:

    Guilo Caccini

    One of the founders of opera
    Le Nuove Musiche
    4 stage works
    more than 75 songs or arias
  • Period:

    Jacopo Peri

    One of the founders of opera
    claimed to be the first with Dafne
    contributed to monody and recitative style
  • Period:

    John Dowland

    English or Irish
    Lutenist who was the leading composer for lute
    revived by sting
  • Period:

    William Shakespeare

    English playwright and poet
  • Period:

    Florentine Camerata

    In the beginning of 1570s, a group of intellectuals that met to discuss the art
    Caccini, Peri, Girolamo Mei, Vincenzo Galilei
  • Period: to

    Girolamo Frescobaldi

    First modern keyboard virtuoso
    most influential composer for the keyboard of the early baroque
  • Genre: Basso Continuo

    "continuous bass" Bassline with figures indicating harmonies
  • Genre: Cantata

    Italian vocal work for soloist and basso continuo
  • Form/Genre: Fugue

    highly developed type of imitative counterpoint
    form and genre
  • Form: Concerto

    a diverse ensemble of voices or instruments
    Grand concertos were large scale works
    Sacred concertos were for sacred texts
  • Genre: Mass

    could include arias, recitatives, and choruses
    included orchestral ensemble and basso continuo
  • Period: to

    The Early Baroque Period

  • Period: to

    Giacomo Carissimi

    Leading composer for roman cantatas and oratorios
    teacher of Charpentier
  • Period: to

    Barbara Strozzi

    Virtuoso singer and most prolific composer of cantatas in the 17th century
    the adopted daughter of Guilio Strozzi the poet
  • Period: to

    Jean Baptiste Lully

    Establisher of french opera and ballet
  • Period: to

    Dieterich Buxtehunde

    German organist and composer
    most notable composer before bach
    respected by bach
  • Period: to

    Marc Antoine Charpentier

    Composer of french operas
    equal to Lully
    and extremely prolific
  • Period: to

    The Middle Baroque Period

  • Period: to

    Arcangelo Corelli

    Most important Italian composer of sonatas and concertos
    most influential violinist of the baroque
  • Period: to

    Johann Pachelbel

    German composer and organist
    a leading composer of his time
  • Period: to

    Henry Purcell

    Most important English composer in the 17th century
  • Period: to

    Alessandro Scarlatti

    Most important Italian Composer
    teacher in naples
    his death ended baroque opera
  • Period: to

    Francois Couperin

    One of the most important french composers
    sacred and secular vocal works
  • Period: to

    Antonio Vivaldi

    Italian composer
    laid the foundation of late baroque instrumental music
    pioneer of the orchestra
    forgotten by his contemporaries by his death
    425 concerti grossi
    350 solo concerti
    45 operas
  • Period: to

    George Phillip Telemann

    The most prolific german composer of his day
    more popular than Bach in the baroque era
  • Period: to

    J S Bach

    Considered the baroque master
    master of counterpoint
  • Period: to

    Georg Friedrich Handel

    german musician
    lived in England
    the inventor of English oratorio
    respected by Beethoven
  • Period: to

    The Late Baroque Period

  • Period: to

    Giovanni Battista Pergolesi

    Galant Neapolitan composer
    died young and achievements were romanticized after his death
    La serva padrona sparked a war of the bouffons in Paris in 1752