the atlantic world

  • Dec 10, 1492


    columbus makes first voyage
  • Dec 10, 1500


    one of the most popular styles was hats made out of beaver skin
  • Dec 10, 1521


    Cortes conquers Aztec Empire
  • Dec 10, 1524


    Berrazzano discovers what is todayu the New York Harbor
  • Dec 10, 1533


    Pizarro conquers inca empire.
  • Dec 10, 1533


    the spanish, led by Francisco Pizarro, conquered the mighty Inca Empire in Peru.
  • 16th

    Spains american colonies helped make it the richewst, most powerful nation in the world during much of the 16th century
  • advances

    spain increased their army to the better, to protect their well working colonie
  • English Founder

    english found jamestown
  • Champian

    champlain claims Quebec for France
  • "new England"

    pilgrims founded a second english colony, plymouth, in Massachusetts.
  • French

    French and Indian War begins