The Age of Reform

  • The Proogressive Spirit

    The Proogressive Spirit
    The United States had been to led to a rise of new goods. The rich and the poor had led to bad saftey issuess in the city. The biggest thing was that they had to the plight of workers and the sanitation and the corrupt political machines were a big problem that were focused on.
  • Woman & Progressivism

    Woman & Progressivism
    The generations of women had joined reforms becuase they were not allowed to work at this time in there life's. The woman were usely stuck at home or with there children working, They cleaned cooked and did croping.
  • Ida Tarbell & Standard Oil.

    Ida Tarbell & Standard Oil.
    In the year of 1902 McClure ran a History of the Standard Oil Company. Ida Tarbell was born in Westreen Pennsylvania in 1857. Tarbell had a family meber tha was part of the oil producer company area. Tarbell attended Allegheny College and she was the only female in the class of "hostile or indiffrent"
  • The Muckranking Press

    Theodore Roosevelt was talking about this man called the muckrake. This so called man that Theodore Roosevelt keep's talking about he "fixes his eyes". The Muckranking Press was a journalists for the commutice to read and thing about there pulbic issuess.
  • Ray Stannard Baker

    Ray Stannard Baker
    Ray Stannard Baker was a man that had toured the nation examining the plight African Americans. He published a book in the year of 1908. His book was call "Following the Color Line".
  • Dangerous Workplace!

    Dangerous Workplace!
    A big problem bettwen 1907 to 1910 was your work. Most of the time workers had major problems with dangerous condutuons. In 1910 70% of the workers had worked about 54 hours a week. The most kind of work that you could get serously hurt was Steel mill in Pittsburgh. 25% or more has injured or was killed on the job.
  • Theordor Dreiser

    Theordor Dreiser
  • Edith Wharton

    Edith Wharton