The Africans and their descendants of Brazil 1450 - 1800

  • Sep 28, 1570

    Agricultural producers started to import shiploads of African slaves

    Due to the difficulty with Amerindians and their tendancy to contract disease, colonists and plantation owners needed another source of slaves, to which they went to the African slave trade.
  • Brazil and Portugese colonists are dependant on the African slave trade

  • Capoeria starts to be used by Quilambos, communites of runaway slaves

  • Price of African slaves goes up and bandeirantes give up hunting for slaves, and start hunting for minerals instead

  • Palmares Quilombo leader Zimbi is killed, and the 80 year and largest group of runaway slaves ends

  • African decendants account for 41.1 percent in mining companies, and 34 percent in the total population in Brazil