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The 1990's

  • Fish Plants Closed

    Fish Plants Closed
    Fishery Products International announced plans to close 3 Newfoundland fish plants, eliminating 1300 jobs.
  • GST Introduced

      GST Introduced
    In the House of Commons, the federal government introduced legislation to impose its controversial Goods and Services Tax (GST).
  • Sikhs and Turbans

    Sikhs and Turbans
    In a change to the RCMP dress code, the federal government decided that Sikh officers could wear turbans while on duty.
  • Oka Standoff

    Oka Standoff
    A standoff began at Oka, Québec, when police attempted to storm a barricade erected by the Mohawk to block the expansion of a golf course onto land claimed by the Mohawk. The protesters surrendered to soldiers on September 26, after a 2-month-long siege.
  • Bloc québécois Created

    Bloc québécois Created
    The Bloc québécois was formed by a group of dissident MPs, headed by Lucien Bouchard.
  • Bill 150 Passed

    Bill 150 Passed
    Robert Bourassa’s government passes Bill 150, also known as an Act respecting the process for determining the political and constitutional future of Québec.
  • Gros-Louis Elected Grand Chief

    Gros-Louis Elected Grand Chief
    The Hurons of Lorrettville, Que, elected Jocelyne Gros-Louis Grand Chief. She was the first woman to be named as the leader of a First Nation in Canada.
  • BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

    BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
    The BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, hailed as one of the strongest in the world, was proclaimed.
  • Bedard Wins First Olympic Gold

    Bedard Wins First Olympic Gold
    Myriam Bédard won the 15 km event in biathlon. It was Canada’s first Olympic medal in Nordic competitions. She would win an additional gold medal days later in the 7.5 km event, becoming the first Canadian woman to win two Olympic gold medals and the first North American athlete ever to win gold in an Olympic biathlon event.
  • Bell Announces Cuts

      Bell Announces Cuts
    Bell Canada announced that it would cut 10 000 jobs, 22% of its total workforce.
  • New $2 Coin

    New $2 Coin
    The new two-dollar coin was introduced by the Royal Canadian Mint to replace the two-dollar bank note. The name "toonie" became so popular that the mint trademarked it.
  • Toronto Bans Smoking

    Toronto Bans Smoking
    Toronto city council voted to ban smoking in restaurants and bars. The law was later modified to allow time for implementation.
  • Greatest Snowfall

    Greatest Snowfall
    The greatest single-day snowfall in Canada was 145 cm. It fell on Tahtsa Lake, BC.
  • Child Refugee Rights

    Child Refugee Rights
    The Supreme Court of Canada ruled unanimously that immigration officers must consider children's best interests before deporting their illegal immigrant parents.
  • Sign Law Overturned

    Sign Law Overturned
    A Québec court judge overturned parts of Québec's language law, which rules that French must be the "predominant" language on all signs.
  • Death of Gwen Mallard

    Death of Gwen Mallard
    Environmental activist Gwen Mallard, who led campaigns against strip mining, oil tanker traffic and the use of herbicides, died at East Sooke, BC.
  • Yzerman Scores 600th Goal

    Yzerman Scores 600th Goal
    Steve Yzerman of the Detroit Red Wings, who was born at Cranbrook, BC, scored his 600th NHL goal, the 11th NHL player to do so.
  • Freshwater Protest

    Freshwater Protest
    BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec rejected a national accord that would prohibit the export of fresh water.
  • Death of Matt Cohen

    Author Matt Cohen died in Toronto of lung cancer, age 56, a few months after he won the Governor General's Award for his novel Elizabeth and After.
  • Nisga'a Treaty Approved

    Nisga'a Treaty Approved
    The House of Commons voted 217-48 in favour of a bill that would give the Nisga'a of northwest BC the right to self-government. The band received 2000 sq km of land and $253 million. In return they agreed to pay taxes and relinquish future claims.
  • Death of Hank Snow

    Death of Hank Snow
    Nova Scotia-born Hank Snow died of pneumonia in Madison, Tenn. He had recorded more than 80 albums and 2000 songs.
  • Air Canada Takes Over Canadian

    Air Canada Takes Over Canadian
    The federal government approved Air Canada's plan to take over struggling Canadian Airlines International.
  • Sable Island Gas Flows

    Sable Island Gas Flows
    The construction of 3 offshore platforms off Sable Island was completed and the first natural gas began to flow through a submarine pipeline to mainland Nova Scotia.