Textile Industry!!!

  • Textile Mill

    A textile mill was established by Simeon Lord.
  • Textile Mill Agreement

    Simeon Lord's mill entered and agreement with Governor Macquarie. The agreement stated that cloth from Parramatta Female Factory would be dyed and dreesed in the mill.
  • Blackwattle Bay Textile Factory

    This was another early textile factory and it made some of the cloths.
  • Seven Wool Mills

    Seven wollen mills were established in New Sout Wales by 1838.
  • Parramatta Cloths

    Parramatta dressed most people in New South Wales.
  • Need for Woolen Cloth

    By 1852, there was 235 000yards of cloth being made every year.
  • Machinery in Textile Factoies

    In Melborne sewing machines started to be used in the textile factories
  • Suggested First Cloth Woven in Victoria

    It was suggested that the first cloth woven in Victoria occured in 1863. Another theory is that it was made earlier.
  • Period: to

    Workers and Pay

    By 1877 there were 1000 female or imigrant worker working in factories on low pay.
  • Waverly Woolen Mill

    Waverly Woolen Mill near Launceston won a 1000pound prize after its esablishment in 1873.
  • Period: to

    More Workers and Pay

    By 1900 there was almost 2000 workers.