• Established a Mill Sydney

    Simeon Lord agreed to mill, dye and dress cloth from a Female Factory in Parramatta.
  • Textile Factory

    Another early textile factory was established in 1832 at Blackwattle Bay
  • Seven Woolen Mills

    In 1838 there were Seven Woolen Mills in NSW and by 1841 most people in the colony were dressed in tweeds
  • Growth of wolloen cloth per annum

    The output of wollen cloth per annum was 250000 yards.
  • Cloth manufacrtring company later prison

    Cloth manufacrtring company later becme a Pentridge Prison
  • Cloth manufacrtring company

    Cloth manufacrtring company was established in 1868
  • Wollen Mill Established

    The woollen Mill at Distillery Creek, near Launceston