Texas history Christian Cunningham

  • Oct 4, 1492

    Christopher Columbus

    The Columbian exchange first started when Christopher Columbus landed in America. This included the transfer of plants animals and diseases between the Americas and Europe. When the explorers went home they brought American plants and animals with them. These plants and animals and diseases spread it from Europe to Africa and Asia.
  • Oct 4, 1519

    Alonso Alvarez de pineda

    In 1519 Spanish explore Alonso Alvarez Pineda sailed with a fleet from Jamaica into the Gulf of Mexico. Who was there to explore land between Florida and Mexico . What's the Spanish already controled.I need to sell the west from Florida he reached a big River name B'nai to sell the west from Florida he reached a big River named panuco. Along the river several American Indian villages were there.he decided to establish a colony near the river when Pineda came back from collecting goods and
  • Oct 4, 1519

    Alonso Alvarez de Pineda

    Supplies he found that the settlers have been murdered by Indians. He was the first European to map the Texas gulf coast.
  • Jun 30, 1520

    Herman CorteZ

    In 1519 Conquistador Herman Cortes sailed for Spanish Cuba to the east coast of Mexico.there he found Lavilla Derica Veracruz first Spanish settlement on American mainland. The settlement now days is called Veracruz. Later the Spaniards learned of the wealthy powerful azteck empire lead by Moctezuma. Cortez wanted to kill Moctezuma. Cortez took Moctezuma captive fighting broke out between the Aztecs and the Spaniards on June 30 1520 the Spaniards won the fight .
  • Oct 4, 1527

    Alvar cabez de vaca

    In 1519 Davaca it was a part of the narvarez expedition. Alvar described your desperation they said that the only way we would be able to leave this terrible island was by dying. But in 1527 as a last resort the Spaniards built tiny flimsy boats. They set sail about A month later huge storm a rose and wash them up at Matgorndia bay. But the karwankawa Indians save them taking them in helping them survive.
  • Oct 4, 1527

    Paniflo de narvarez

    In 1527 narvarez led a voyage to the Gulf of Mexico. He dreamed of finding many riches. The expedition included five ships with 600 soldiers plus horses. They were the first to see the Texas coast. Paniflo and his men saw Indians wearing jewelry. They really wanted that jewelry the Indians told him about a place called Apalachee. When they arrived in Apalachee there was no jewelry so they headed home and many died.
  • Oct 4, 1536

    Francisco Coronado

    Coronado let a group of 300 soldiers in around 1000 Mexican Indians. Coronado was to conquer cibola and gain its treasure. But he found a Zuni village crossed the Texas Panhandle in search of golden treasure but he did not find anything. After not finding any golden treasure he discovered the Grand Canyon. Years later he died in 1554 and he failed to ever find gold or treasure.
  • Juan onate

    Oh Nate founded the colony of New Mexico. Onate lead 500 colonist north across the choulitican desert. They were struggling through the desert until they reach the Rio Grande after three long hard months it seem like an oasis with the cold water in the shade the settlers had a huge feast and onate claim the entire area by the Rio Grande from Spain
  • Lassalle

    LaSalle is the only French explore he claimed land from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. Hey returned to France and Asked king to establish a settlement the colony would be used for military purposes.Lassales expedition left France in 1684 it had four ships in 300 soldiers along the way they ran into some Spanish soldiers finally they made land in 1685 at Mat agondria bay.in 1687 LaSalle in the last of his men were in a hard struggle and LaSalle was murdered by one of his own men.
  • Nacodoches is found

    considered to be the oldest town in Texas, Nacogdoches was founded in 1779 by Don Antonio Gil Y’Barbo. This small little town is covered with history and stories from years past beginning with the Caddo Indians, who lived in the area before the Spanish, through the present day. Over the course of its history, Nacogdoches had nine differently flags rather than the six for the rest of Texas.
  • Mission

    Mission San Jose is a historical Catholic mission in San Antonio Texas