Spainish Exploration

  • Oct 12, 1492

    Columbus discovers the new world

    Columbus discovers the new world
    Columbus tries to sail to India but ends up in the bahamas
    calling the natives "Indians"
  • Jan 1, 1519

    Cortes lands in Mexico

    Cortes lands in Mexico
    Cortes lands in mexico later to find and destory Tenochtitlan
  • Jan 1, 1519

    Pineda maps the coast

    Pineda maps the coast
    Pineda is the first to map the coast from florida to texas
  • Jan 1, 1528

    De Vaca starts his journey

    De Vaca and Esteban go to explore Pineda's map but get left by their crew then ship wreak on galveston it takes them a total of eight years to get back to Spain
  • Jan 1, 1536

    De Vaca is found

    De Vaca and Esteban are found and return to Spain
  • Jan 1, 1539

    De soto and Moscoso

    Went to explore Pineda's map and to search for gold.De soto dies
    and his body is sent down the Mississippi river. They are the first to discover the Mississppi they thought it went all the way to china
  • Oct 25, 1539

    Fray Marcos and Esteban

    Fray Marcos and Esteban
    They go looking for Cibola (7 cities of gold) Esteban get's killed while in the city and Fray Marocos never go's to the city but sees the city from a distance
  • Jan 1, 1540


    Went with Fray Marcos to find Cibola but Cibola had no riches
    Fray Marcos left and was never heard of again
    Coronado later went to find Quivera a city that was ruled by amazon women and was made completely out of gold he got this legend from Turk, Quivera didn't have any riches either
  • Jan 1, 1542


    Coronado returns to Mexico and says that Texas has no riches harsh land and mean indians
  • Jan 1, 1542

    De soto and Moscoso

    They return and also give a bad report about Texas
  • Period: to

    La Salle Journey to Texas

    He wanted to set up a colony at the mouth of the Mississippi river.But supposedly missed the river by 300 miles and landed on matagorda bay in Texas.He may have been looking for the Spanish silver mines in Arizona.He brought 300 people on 4 ships and set up fort Louie as a French colony.After supposedly going for help he returned to find oly 45 people still left alive.While La Salle was gone again small pox and a Kranwka massacre ended what was left of the settlement.
  • Ysleta

    First mission in Texs is established
  • San Francisco de los Tejas

    first east Texas mission established
  • San Juan Bautista

    Guerrero-Coahuila Mexico sucess
  • Los Adeas

    1st capital of Texas for over 40 years but was in Louisiana
  • San Antonio de Valero (Alamo)

    built to serve as a midpoint between east and west missions for supplies
  • La Bahia (Goliad)

    Built on top of La Salle's ruins and later becomes Goliad
  • San Saba De La Santa Cruz

    Built in central Texas, indians destroy the mission