Texas history Jacob woodrum

By Jacob21
  • Aug 3, 1492

    Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus
    Christopher Columbus was a person who thought that he could go west to get to Asia. So he sailed in 1492 to "Asia" but landed in the Americas/Bahamas. Because of Christopher Columbus this thing happened. It's called the columbian exchange. It's started when Christopher came to the Americas. Euorope, Asian, and African stuff came to the Americas such as plants and animals switched with the Americas plants and animals.
  • Jan 1, 1519

    Hernan Cortes

    Hernan Cortes
    Cortes was a conquistador who found the Aztecs in Mexico. The Aztecs thought he was a god, so they showed him there gold and precious things.he wanted all of the gold and precious things so he started a war with them. And took their leader monctezum 2 as captive. The war started injure 30,1520. Cortes had many military advantages and other Indians to help him. On may1521 the Spanish attacked the Aztec Capitol. In the end the Spanish won and the city was left in ruins.They built Mexico City on it
  • Jun 2, 1519

    Alonzo álvarez de piñeda

    Alonzo álvarez de piñeda
    On June 2, 1519 piñeda entered a large bay with a Native American village on shore. He sailed up river for 18miles and recorded 40 villages. Assumed to be the first European to see the mouth of the Mississippi River mouth. He contuined south there was reliable evedence that he ever did embark on the stories of Texas. He tied to create a boundary between his land he was claiming and what Cortes had claimed. he was the first person to see southern part of the u.s.a. His map is used in Texashistory
  • Jan 1, 1527

    Pánfilo de Nárves

    Pánfilo de Nárves
    Pánfilo de Nárvaez was a Spanish solider and when on an exploration to Cuba. He is remmembered as the leader of 2 failed expeditions. In 1520 he was sent to stop an invasion by Cortez but got capture. When he got out he wasauthorized to explore and colonize Florida. During a storm narveas and a small group of men where carried out to sea on a raft and were never found. Only four men survived.
  • Jun 27, 1527

    Álvar núñez cabeza de Vaca

    Álvar núñez cabeza de Vaca
    Álvar de vaca in the exploration with narveaz the explorer reached Florida in April 1528.while on shore hey saw Indians wearing jewelry and asked how they got it. They said they found it in Alpachee they found it but there was no gold.Their ships where wrecked and they had to build rafts. When they set sail a storm came and ship wrecked again.Traveling across Texas tribe to tribe he become a healer and trader which gave him freedom.After reaching a colony in new Spain there they sailed to Europe
  • Jan 1, 1540

    Francisco vásquez de Coronado

    Francisco vásquez de Coronado
    Coronado was a governor a providence in new Spain. Until he hered of the 7citys of gold. 1540 he lead an expedition into Mexico. Four months later he took Calvary men to the first city of cibola, which was just a Indian tribe. They took over the town, but during the fight Coronado was injured. Coronado reunited with is men in winter of 1540-1541. In the spring of 1541 they moved to palo duro canyon in Texas.he look for quivara but didn't find it. Coronado returned to Mexico in 15242.
  • Corpus Christi de la ysleta

    Corpus Christi de la ysleta
    Corpus Christi was the first permanent settlemant and mission of Europeans in was founded near El Paso in 1682.
  • Leaving fort St. Louis

    Leaving fort St. Louis
    La salle went away from the fort in 1685 to 1686. In the fort hunger and disease killed many of the settlers n addition the karankawas were attacking the the end of 1685 more than half the settlers were dead.
  • San Antonio

    San Antonio
    Missions in east were failing so the Spanish decided to move down to the lands In between the east Texas and the rio grande. There they established San Antonio. Also they built a mission called San Antonio de Valero. About a mile away they built a presidio San Antonio de bexar.
  • Nacogdoches is founded

    Nacogdoches is founded
    It remained a caddy settlement until the Spanish came and established a mission
  • Mission San Jose is completed

    Mission San Jose is completed
    Know as the queen of missions.founded in1720,work began in 1768 ,completed in1782
  • Most missions in Texas are closed

    Most missions in Texas are closed
    The Marques de Rubin report:1. Spain should abandon all missions and presides except those armla Bahia and San Antonio.3. Spainish pop. Should on east Texas should move to San Antonio to strengthen its defenses.
  • Philip Nolan

    Philip Nolan was a mustangs trader, rumor spy, and a filibuster for the u.s. And his men and him fought Spanish soldiers in Waco
  • Lousiana purchase

    Lousiana purchase
    French sold the Louisiana territory for 15 million. That doubled the size of the United States.
  • The neutral ground treatment

    The neutral ground treatment
    It was established and it was land between the Louisiana and Texas
  • Father hildago

    Father hildago
    He gave a speech which was called crys of Dolores. Was a leader.
  • Las Casas

    Las Casas
    Was a rebel leader against Spain and was executed
  • Juan Bautista de las Casas

    Declares Texas independent from spain
  • The Gutierrez and Magee expedition

    The Gutierrez and Magee expedition
    Was a rebellion contuined after father hildoghildago and was defeated at the battle of medina.
  • James long

    James long
    James long was a filibuster and lead a group of Anglo Americans into nacogdoches and was ecsacuted in 1822
  • Moses and Stephen f Austin

    Moses and Stephen f Austin
    Moses recieved permission to settle 300 family's in Texas. Stephen bring Anglos to Texas
  • Turtle bayou resolution

    Turtle bayou resolution
    Anahuac settlers gathered at turtle bayou because of the disturbance a anahuac. 150 people fought the Mexican at fort anahuac. Thayer had support from Santa Anna.
  • Meir y Tehran report

    Meir y Tehran report
    His trip was suppose to examination Indian tribes and look how many Americans were living in Texas. He saw that there were a lot more Americans than Mexicans 10-1. It encourage that Mexico should have more control
  • Law of April 6

    Law of April 6
    Mad a law that there could not be any immergration from th u.s.
  • Fredonian rebellion

    Fredonian rebellion
    Haden Edward was mad at the Mexican government because there were people on his land and they wouldn't move them. A group and Edward took action and declared Fredonian independent from Mexico. Mexico sent troops and they hered about it and they fled and the rebublic collapsed.
  • Stephen f Austin arrested

    Stephen f Austin arrested
    He said that Texas should go ahead and make there own government. Spanish intersepted the letter and he was arrested and the was relest