Ten Important Events In Japan's History

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    Ten Important Dates in Japan's History

  • Atomic bomb

    The United States bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima. This is the first time an atomic bomb was deployed in combat. This affected not only the people of Japan but the world as a whole because this usage of the Atomic bomb lead to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
  • International Military Tribunal of the Far East

    -International Military Tribunal for the Far East were held to try war crimes committed by the japanese empire including joint conspiracy to start wars. In total there were 6232 convictions however the emperor was not convicted because the americans needed him as a figurehead to legitimise their agenda.
  • Constitution of Japan

    The constitution of Japan is signed while the country was under American occupation. This document was written by non japanese military personnel under the supervision of Douglas Macarthur, head of the Supreme Command of Allied Forces. This document however did not remove the rules already in place set by the Meiji constitution.
  • Japan's independence

    Japan becomes an independent nation once again after America ended its occupation in the region.
  • Japan and the UN

    Japan joins the United Nations. Ten years after the end of WWII.
  • Tokyo Olympics

    The summer olympics is held in Tokyo. The games were originally going to held in japan during the 1940's but the second world war interrupted the decision
  • Trilateral Commission

    The Trilateral commission was founded in 1972 by American investor David Rockefeller. This group is a non-governmental, non-partisan group that is made of up of leaders in the private section of America, England, and Japan ( these were the biggest economies at the time it was founded). This group was founded to promote communications between business leaders because of the incoming interdependent world economy.
  • Japan's Economy

    Japan surpasses England and becomes the second largest economy in the world
  • Asset bubble pop

    Japan's asset bubble of companies popped because of inflation. Because japan had invested most of their gdp into their economy, the backlash of the recession lasted a decade.
  • Recession

    The second large recession in modern day Japanese history occurred when the Nikkei markets hit a 26 year low due to extremely low demands for exported goods