Television Technology

  • TV History

    TV History
    TV HistoryVladimir Zworykin Demonstrated his iconoscope tube, the first practical television camera tube
  • TV Image

    TV Image
    Tv HistoryCharles Jenkins Transmitted the First Long-Distance TV Image
  • TV

    TV HistoryPhilo Farnsworth First public demonstration of an electronic television system
  • 1st TV Commercial

    1st TV Commercial
    Tv History David Sarnoff and RCA First Commercial Television Broadcast (NBC)
  • 1st TV Show

    1st TV Show
    TV HistoryCable Television introduced In 1975, HBO became the first cable TV channel to be broadcast via satellite.
  • TV History

    TV History
    TV Historythe Words Fair in New York RCA made the first true public demonstration of television
  • 1st Affordable TV

    1st Affordable TV
    TV HistoryEarl “Madman” Muntz Created the first Affordable television.
  • Color TV Thoughts

    Color TV Thoughts
    TV HistoryColor Television Introduced Did not become the standard until the Early 1970’s
  • TV is Spreading

    TV is Spreading
    TV HistoryThe 1950’s By the end of the decade, there were 559 stations and nearly 90% of U.S. households had television.
  • TV is Going Internationly

    TV is Going Internationly
    TV HistoryFirst Satellite Broadcasts AT&T Begins broadcasting internationally.
  • 1st Home Recorder

    1st Home Recorder
    TV HistoryFirst home recorder Sony introduces the Betamax tape recorder
  • HD TV

    HD TV
    TV HistoryHDTV Developed by Japan Accepted by the F.C.C. in 1996
  • Internet

    TV History First Internet Broadcast ABC World News Now is broadcast over the internet.
  • DVDs

    TV HistoryDVD’s Commercially available Only 2% of homes have a dvd player.
  • Blu-Ray

    TV HistoryBlu-Ray and HD DVD Introduced Blu-ray eventually wins the market
  • Worlds Largest TV

    Worlds Largest TV
    TV History
    The world’s largest Plasma TV is a 150 inch Plasma TV made by Panasonic, standing 6 ft high and 11 ft wide.
  • Digital Broadcast

    Digital Broadcast
    TV History DTV Becomes Mandatory for national networks On June 12th, the FCC required these networks to transition to Digital Broadcasts.
  • 3D TV

    3D TV
    TV History
    The world’s first 3D LED HDTV released by Samsung (Samsung 3D LED 7000). Announced in February, 2010. LG announced the release of their first 3D LED HDTV, the LG LX9500 in March, 2010.
  • TV Taking Over

    TV Taking Over
    TV HistoryThere are 115.9 million homes in the U.S. with at least one TV. • 61% of all TV sets are now HD.
  • 3D TV

    3D TV
    TV HistoryIn 2012, most TV manufactures released high definition 3D sets. In order to view television in 3D, you must wear modern LCD glasses that lets you view video in clear 3D. (The History of Film, Television & Video).
  • TV Shows

    TV Shows
    TV HistoryFirst broadcast of Duck Dynasty, Dog with a Blog, Gravity Falls, Arrow, The Legend of Korra, Girls, Nashville, The Newsroom, Scandal, and Call the Midwife; Super Bowl XLVI becomes the then most-watched program in the history of American television, with an average of 111.3 million viewers
  • TV Screens

    TV Screens
    From the 1920s to the 2015 the televisoins sizes got bigger. From a 3in screen to ones that are over 80in!
  • Kids Eyes

    Kids Eyes
    TV Facts
    It is estimated that by the time average American child reach age 14, it sees around 11,000 murders on the television. By the age 18, that number goes to 200,000.
  • So Many Hours

    So Many Hours
    TV Facts
    Americans annually watch around 250 billion hours of television.
  • So Much

    So Much
    TV History
    Average 65 year old person sees over 2 million TV commercials during his life.