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  • plessy v. ferguson

    plessy v. ferguson
    This was the start to African Americans being treated as equals with the whites. It was okay from them to be separated as long as they had equal teaching opportunities as each other.
  • The end of Wrld WA 1 and The Great Depression

    The end of Wrld WA 1 and The Great Depression
    This was important because it took most children out of labor work back into school.
  • Ruby Bridges

    Ruby Bridges
    This was big role to the start of education because she was the first African American to start the integration of schools, to mix whites and African Americans in the same building.
  • Arc

    This was an important one because it gave kids with special needs a chance to have equal opportunities as other students.
  • No child left behind act

    No child left behind act
    This Act set new government test standards that students must reach or the school district may face federal assistance money. This program was set in to help disadvantaged students reach the same goals as advanted students.