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TechYES Cancryn 2012-2013

  • Met with Ms. Pilgrim

    Discussed the recent change in my position. Both are working to build what the work I do will look like. Ask Ms. Pilgrim if I can work on some ideas. We agree that we will both work on ideas going forward.
  • Meet wtih Ms. Francis

    Met witth Ms. Francis to discuss moving forward on her interest expressed at the end of the year to have her science students involved in TechYES.
  • Period: to

    Develop Mind Map for TechYES Sceince

    TechYES Science Mind MapFrom the discussion with Ms. Francis, I developed a Mind Map to orgranize our thoughts so that we can share these with Ms. Penn.
  • Attended ACJHS Leadership Meeting

    12.9 Leadership Meeting ResoursesShared my ideas of EdTech with the group. Developed a hared web resources with them.
  • Met wtih Ms. Wallace-Francis

    TechYES Mind Map Sept. 5Ms. Francis could not make it until 1.45. Discuss moving forward on her interest expressed at the end of the year to have her science students involved in TechYES. Showed the Mind Map to Ms. Francis and shared it with her so that we can both work on it via the web in Bubbl.US.
  • Met with Ms. Francies on TechYES/Science Planning

    TechYES/Science Mind MapShowed the Mind Map to Ms. Francis and shared it with her so that we can both work on it via the web in Bubbl.US
  • Met wih Ms. Pilgrim

    Followed up on conversations and yesterday's meeting.
    Going forward will work with the Science Dept. to integrate technology. Could be using 10 iPads with students selected by the teachers. Given the go ahead to proceed with Ms. Francis, while working with Ms. Penn the dept. head.
  • Met wih Ms. Penn Science Dept. Head

    Discussed work with Ms. Francis and ideas for TechYES/Science. Ms. Penn agreed with the proposal and she will be kept in the loop.
  • Met with Ms. Francis' 3rd Period Science Class

    Introduced myself, touched on TechYES, and why technoloygy is important to their lives and learning.
  • Met With Ms. Wallace-Francis on TechYES

    Set Ms. Francis up with a VITechYES account. Showed her the ins and outs of online docs for student work. Continued to plan for work with her students.
  • Period: to

    Research, Develop, and Submit Anderson Grant

    Worked with Ms. Wallace-Francis on the TechYES Mobile Devices for Teaching Grant
  • Period: to

    Work to Set Up TechYES at Cancryn for 2012/13

    -Conducted a round of meetings with Ms. Pilgrim, Ms. Penn, and Ms. Wallace-Francis to see how best to conduct TechYES with students
    ---Resubmitted list of TechYES Certified Students from last year to be placed into a class period
    ---Met with Ms.W-F, Mr. G and Ms. Daily to see if we could develop a cross-curricular model.
    ---Met with other subject teachers to scope out interest and feasibility of TechYES dovetailing into their students' work.
    •Logic Model submitted to Ms. P approoved 9/27
  • Period: to

    Explore Cancryn iPad Device and Apps

    •Used the school iPad to see what apps were currently installed.; limited
    •Researched online apps that could be used by students for projects and stored in the cloud.
  • Meet with Mr G

    -Drop off TechYES Certificates
    -Discuss partnering with his classes/ TechYES projects
    -Next Wed. meet with students on Google Forms
    ---show how TechYES students used these last year
    -Meet after next Wed., to discuss further areas to go forward with.
  • Meet wih Ms. Daily

    Discussed technology integration into her LA classes. -Online Document -Blogs
  • Period: to

    Work on Recruitment of TechYES Students from 2011/12

    Survey Results-Gather STL email addresses
    -Write email to the students
    -Develop online survey for STL students
    -Share with Ms. Pilgrim & Penn
    -Recruit targeted students at lunch, in class, after school. Only one student takes the survey.
    -Class time is not put into the schedule for this group.
  • TechYES Planning with Ms. Wallace-Francis

  • Period: to

    Meet with Ms. Callwood TechYES/ Class Dojo

  • Period: to

    Spoke to Ms. Wallace-Francis Science Students about TechYES

    Speak with students about TechYES cross curr. project
  • Period: to

    TechYES Student Work on Library Computers

    ACJHS Library Laptop SpreadsheetPSTL students tested all the laptops in the library. PSTL worked on an online spreadsheet that was shared with Ms. Aguila as to the status of each laptop. All laptops are working.
  • Period: to

    PSTL Test Laptops in Library

    Students test all the laptops and worked the data collected on these computers into an online spreadsheet for Ms. Aguila.
  • Attended Integreation with Technology Meeting at the CC

  • Ms. Pilgrim Approves TechYES Work with Ms. Wallace-Francis

  • Period: to

    Develop School iPad Permission Sheet

  • TechYES Students Set Up Upstairs Computer Lab

    Gathered 8th grade students involeved in TechYES last year to assist in moving computers back into the lab. Students moved out old equipment, moved in computers, set up, connected and tested each station.
  • Meet with Ms. Wallace-Francis

    Student Survey Results-Revisit TechYES Logic Model
    -Go over Student Survey Results
    -Solidify TechYES Class Lists
    -Plan for TechYES PSTL classes to start 10/2
  • Meet with Ms. Pilgrim

    -Discussed beginning of PSTL program today.
    --Upstairs lab not available (PowerSchool)
    --Laptops from Library (may be available)
    -iPad use not until forms are signed
    -iPad can be used at Academic Night
    --Parent Surveys
    --Parent EdTech Site
    --iPad Survey???
    -iPad Survey hopefully approved by Thursday and Academic Night.
  • Class Dojo Created for TechYES

    Class Dojo Created for TechYES
    Classroom DojoStart to use this online student behavior management tool with TechYES Students
  • Period: to

    6th & 7th period students to take online PreTechYES surveys.

  • Academic Night

    Academic Night
    TechYES Students assisted parents in learning about TechYES. iPads were used to display students work.
    -Over 20 parents took the time to take a survey on "Technology in the Home"
  • TechYES/Science Classes Start

  • Period: to

    TechYES Science Classes Periods 6&7

    Met with student in Rm 600, Library, and Mr. G's Computer Lab
  • Period: to

    Work with Mr. G's 4 & 8th Period Clases once a week WED

    Wiork with Mr. G and his students on online documents, projects with an eye on these students developing TechYES projects.
  • All laptops in the library are tested and ready to go!

    All laptops in the library are tested and ready to go!
  • TechYES Students Begin to Use/Test Edmodo

    TechYES Students Begin to Use/Test Edmodo
  • Begin Involvement in

  • Period: to

    TechYES Students Use/Test Edmodo

  • Period: to

    Research & Explore iPad Apps for Student Use

  • iPad Permission Sheets Go Home


  • Period: to

    Student Gallup Poll

  • Period: to

    Students Start Use of iPads

    Girls Nov. 2
    Boys Nov. 7
  • Period: to Assessments

    Over 90% of the 8th graders completed the survey and assessments.
    74% of students scored at basic or below basic in overall proficiency.
    Nearly 60% rarely use computers in any of their classes; less than once a month (33%) or never (25%).
    84% use the Internet for research several times each week (46%)/month (38%).
    65% have cell phones that have Internet access that can view web pages.
    68% use technology such as computers and cell phones to do homework several times each week/month.
  • Permission Granted for TechYES Student Use of iPads

    Permission Granted for TechYES Student Use of iPads
  • Students first use iPads to Collect Project Data

    Students first use iPads to Collect Project Data
    Collectin Pictures for the Green Campus Project
  • TechYES ReBoot Meeting

    Ms. Penn, Ms. Wallace-Francis, and I all met to address these concerns and came up with a ReBoot of TechYES that follows the original guidance of the program with some modifications along the way.
  • Period: to

    TechYES Students Assist in Technology Set up

    Students assisting Ms. Schlesinger with set up of computers in her class. 4 computers up and running now. Trouble ticket in for assistance. Students trouble shooting and leaving notes for techs.
  • Students Begin to Use iPads in the Field

    Students Begin to Use iPads in the Field
    Student used iPads to take pictures of Ms. Wallace-Francis' class working on the Green Campus project. Students used their Edmodo accounts on the iPad to take pictures and videos to be used in the project.
  • Period: to

    Prezi Founding Fathers Project Ms. Daniels

    Developed a spot for her students on VITechYES and placed the assignment and supporting material there. Worked with her two classes to have students sign up for online accounts where they could store their work. Also assisted in teaching them how to use Google Docs research tools and Prezi.
  • ReBoot TechYES

    ReBoot TechYES
    Edmodo LessonSpecial Day to reboot TechYES
    Students sign up or complete signing up for:
    Edmodo Lesson
  • Period: to

    ReBoot TechYES

    Start working with students to reengerize the program
    -Group Projects
    -Science Grades
    -Classroom Management Class Dojo Reports
  • iPad Update

    iPad Update
    Wrok most of one day updating an iPad and testing new iOS6 and how it will affect the current set up we are currently using
  • ACJHS Rotary Interact BeautificatioProject

    ACJHS Rotary Interact BeautificatioProject
    TechYES students participate and document this event with the iPads. •Pictures
  • Begin Preliminary ACJHS Technology Planning

    Begin Preliminary ACJHS Technology Planning
    I researched technology plans and shared the information with Ms. Aguila. We went over and discussed planning templates and came up with one for the school. We then discussed in general terms: needs, goals and strategies to fulfill those needs. Agreed on a format for the plan and to begin to develop assessment tools to collect data on technology needs of the school. This information will be shared with Ms. Pilgrim for approval, modifications and direction before we begin.
  • 6th Period Given End of the Year Dojo Reports -Behavior Mangament

    6th Period Given End of the Year Dojo Reports -Behavior Mangament
    ClassDojo year end results shared and discussed with students. Students asked to take this information home to their parents so that parents can track this information at home.