Technology use

  • IPod

    The inventor of the Ipod was Steve Jobs. It enhavced our lives by giving us something to listen to music on and help completing tasks.
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    Technology use

  • DS

    The DS was created by Nintendo. It was a great thing for kids to have because it was really easy to use and fun to play on.
  • Iphone

    Steve Jobs created my IPhone as well. This was a huge step for society in having mobile phones. We can now talk to anyone no matter where they are.
  • Laptop

    William Redlington Hewlitt Invented the Laptop. It was a huge step because people could now create stuff and work wherever they are and work from home. Especially with everything that happened with covid.
  • Ps5

    The ps5 was created by Sony. It doesnt offer a huge benefit to society but it is really fun to play.