Technology Timeline

  • Hard Disk

    Hard Disk
    The Seagate ST506 hard disk drive was the first for microcomputers and was only 5.25 inches. It was capable of storing 5 megabytes which was five times as much as the floppy disk at that time.
  • IBM's First Personal Computer

    IBM's First Personal Computer
    Up until the release of its first personal computer IBM made microcomputers specifically for business's. This IBM PC was made well and was so successful that many company's tried to imitate and release their own versions.
  • Microsoft Word

    Microsoft Word
    Originally Multi-Tool Word, Microsoft releases Word in 1983 and lets users try it for free. Microsoft Word is used almost all over the world, is heavily used by students and companies to complete tasks.
  • CD-ROM

    CD-ROM's were used for music in 1981 but in 1984 Sony and Philips released a new design that were capable of storing data like games. CD-ROM's allowed us to watch movies, play video games, and listen to music.
  • NES

    First released in Japan 1981, the family computer was sold in the U.S in 1985 by Nintendo. The NES was a home gaming system that restored the gaming in the U.S and possibly is responsible for the types of gaming systems we have today.