Technology timeline

  • iPhone 4

    iPhone 4
    when Steve Jobs first released this phone it was a huge step for technology some people might say one of the best
  • Lenovo thinkpad

    Lenovo thinkpad
    Lenovo first releases Thinkpad. I think this compute was a really good invention. It provied lots of laptops for kids in school.
  • Playstation 4

    Playstation 4
    in 2013 mark corny came out with the ps4 which was one of the best consoles to come out. It beat the xbox 1 and had the most sales
  • Microsoft Windows 10

    Microsoft Windows 10
    In 2015 Microsoft came out with one the most advance software at the time. It had improved security and increased integration.
  • Lexar SD card

    Lexar SD card
    In 2019, John reimer and his team introduce the very first SD card that can hold 1 terabyte of storage. This little card can hold up to thousands of documents, photos, etc. Which is crazy because a few years ago SD card were only able to hold 1GB