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Technology Timeline 1990-2013

  • Internet Is Born

    Internet Is Born
    The World Wide Web, Internet Protocol (HTTP) and WWW language (HTML) are created by Tim Berners-Lee.
  • Hubble Telescope

    Hubble Telescope
    Hubble Telescope is invented
  • Answering Machine

    Answering Machine
    The digital answering machine is invented
  • Smartpill

    The name of smart pill now refers to any pill that can deliver or control its delivery of medicine without the patient having to take action beyond the initial swallow.
    The phrase smart pill became popular after the computer controlled medical device was patented by Jerome Schentag and David D'Andrea, and named one of the top inventions of 1992 by Popular Science magazine. However, now the name has become generic and many companies are using the name smart pill. Jerome Schentag, professor of p
  • Pentium Processor

    Pentium Processor
    The pentium processor is invented
  • Yahoo

    Yahoo is founded
  • Playstation

    Sony introduces its PlayStation video game console
  • Java

    The Java computer language is invented
  • Maxromedia Flash 1.0

    Maxromedia Flash 1.0
    Macromedia Flash 1.0 was introduced.
  • Nintendo 64

    Nintendo 64
    The first Nintendo game system appears on shelves
  • Computer Animation

    Computer Animation
    Computer Aniamation is introduced
  • AOL and Microsoft: Goliath vs, Goliath

    AOL and Microsoft: Goliath vs, Goliath
    Having won the battle for the desktop and the browser, Microsoft lost no time in moving against its next big target, bringing America Online into its sights throughout much of 1999.
  • Hybrid Car

    Hybrid Car
    Toyota releases first hybid car, the first of its kind.
  • Apple iPod

    Apple iPod
    Apple announces the first portable music digital player the iPod, created under project codename Dulcimer.
  • Foveon Camera Chip

    Foveon Camera Chip
    The Forveon Camera Chip is invented by Richard Merrill
  • Max the Robotic Cat

    Max the Robotic Cat
    Max the robotic cat was invented in 2003 by inventer Omron
  • Flower Sound

    Flower Sound
    Ka-on or Flower Sound are plants that play music invented by the Japanese based Let's Corporation. Flowers bouquets will act as loudspeakers when placed in a special vase that has electronics hidden in the base.
  • Youtube

    YouTube - the online video sharing and viewing community - was invented in 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim.
  • Wii

    A new console by Nintendo that includes a wireless controller. As of December 2009, the Wii leads the generation over the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in worldwide sales.
  • iPhone

    Apple introduces the iPhone- Steve Jobs
  • Kindle

    In 2007 Amazon comes out with the first digital reading device that actually looks like printed text of a book on a screen, the Kindle.
  • Android OS

    Android OS
    The Android OS cell phones are produced.
  • Windows 7

    Windows 7
    Windows 7 is introduced
  • Sony 3D-360 Hologram

    Sony 3D-360 Hologram
    Sony comes out with the 360 hologram. Although, they are not sure what to use it for.